Improving/upgrading Nait5i + CS5i in a big room

End of 2000 (2007?) i bought my first naim set: a Nait 5i and the CD5i (both non italic). I came from a NAD 3020 btw. Speakers are the B&W CM1 on stands and connected with monster cables.

Two years ago i bought a streamer from NuPrime. Most of the time i use the Nuprime as a bt sender to my headphone.

Since 3 years i am moved to another house where i have a dedicated room for my hobbies. That room is on the 1th floor and the floor itself is not made from concrete. On the floor is oak parquet. Its quite large: 35 feet x 15 feet…

I listen to music once a week in a long session. I do other things for the rest of the week. I own a nice CD collection (500+) and i do not prefer using IT devices when listen to music.

As may be immediately apparent, the little nait lacks some power in this room…

Given this situation, what steps could I take to enhance the music experience by choosing other devices?

And oh yes, with the music volume all the way up I don’t disturb neighbors…because I don’t have any. The only one who can complain is my wife…


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I would replace the speakers. Proac Studio 140 come to mind.

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