Impulse buy, any experience of Kef LS50 Meta's out there

Ok, this is an everything wrong post, I am totally happy with my existing speakers, I have a pair of Mk1 Guru Q10’s in the cabin (Densen) system and Mk2’s Guru QM10’s in the main house system which is Naim (SN3/HCDR/CDX2-2), both are fronted with Rega Turntables (P3 and RP6 respectively).

I also blame running some really mundane performance tests in my professional capacity and casual browsing leading to a “why not” purchase.

I went for them primarily to be able to swap in to the cabin system if I want to crank the volume a bit louder than the comfort zone of the Gurus and in the hope that a few garden parties through the summer may actually be a reality (I know that they are still bookshelf speakers so its a relative expectation, I have some Klipsch tucked away for daft volumes).

The reviews have all been very promising, with the latest to arrive via HFN/RR with Ken Kessler raving about them after he loved their predecessors.

I’m not expecting them to better the Guru’s, too many auditions have shown that what they do very few can pull off and they really gel with me, but I am hoping they might hold some surprises.

Curiosity means I will give them a spin on the Naim system after a thorough run in on the Densen but just wondered if anyone else has heard them, particularly with Naim?

Hi Adam,

I will look forward to your thoughts once they have arrived, two very well considered speakers.


Will do, looks like they arrive on Monday.

I own a pair of the original LS50s (pre-Meta) that I swapped for some Dynaudio 2/7s (which are also excellent) on my SN1. Dramatic improvement in detail and stage, really energetic. Digital sounded immediately better; a little more demanding with vinyl, however. Had to fine tune my turntable a little more to get the two to agree. On paper at least, the Meta sounds like an overall improvement on these. Recommended!

Thanks for the feedback, will be interesting next week to see how they fare, from the pictures looks like they have some small feet underneath, which is interesting as the Guru’s also employ their own little decoupling feet. I have an original pair of the plinths that they they sit in for one pair and a very home made copy for the second pair, does the job though.

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Hmmm I do own the new Meta LS 50

They’re are really unique in what they do… that tweeter is simply unprecedented

I would refer to the what hi fi review which nailed it.

But I own a cat… and with no grille…. They are now in their boxes…. So I rarely use them

And my 2 pair of Dynaudios sound mighty fine to me …. And I really enjoy rock on my Dynaudios… the meta LS 50 does have some amazing capabilities though

One has to hear the Beck album sea change on the meta LS50….

I am thinking of how to make them cat proof…

Any suggestions?

Put your most precious fragile items on a high shelf in the same room, the cat will be too busy trying to get to them.


My cat knows my hi fi is my precious item… he’s smart

And he has figured out how much I love him and he can get away with anything :smirk:


Get two dogs and tie them to the stands.

Alternatively rub the speakers with lavender oil.

Mmmmmmmm. My wife insisted on us getting two cats ‘for company’. Mad half hours with two cats killed my Focal 1008be.

With my SBLs I place birthday cards on the top to discourage them from bouncing on top …worked so far. :crossed_fingers:

The advantage of the SBLs is that they are against the wall, when I get in non-boundary speakers I put in gun emplacements and a moat to keep the cats out!

Here he is enjoying music with me for the last 2 hours

So the meta LS50 stays in the box…

My Dynaudios focus 260 are really wonderful too


Follow the upgrade path as always, trade in cat for a Labrador


Nah, keep the cat. He’s cool.

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To answer the OP my view with some good running they will simply amaze you….

To my ears … They have this ability to bring musicians into the room… but this is apparent with lots of running in… let us know …

You have to let those cats out of those boxes!

I hadn’t even noticed no grilles when ordering, thinking back I seem to have a history of speakers with no grilles, current Gurus being an example.

My Epos Es11s sounded awful with their grills on, which anyone who owned a pair will understand.

I demoed the Metas a couple of months ago with my Nova. I had them on top of wooden cabinets in alcoves quite close to rear and side walls so positioning was rather compromised. They had amazing bass, punch, soundstage and presence right out of the box. The sound filled the room more than any other speaker I demoed (including Guru Q10s - I’ve listed them all on another thread). I also loved the look. I was on the verge of keeping them until my wife said she thought that female voices sounded shrill and harsh. I had been so mesmerised by the bass and overall presence that I hadn’t noticed, but as soon as I started listening properly I could hear it. We tested on lots of different tracks and it was the same, even after proper running in, so they went back. This may have been caused by my room and compromised positioning so it may be different for you. For me, it was a near miss.

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Wow, Gringo, if they fill a room more than a Guru I’ll be stunned. It’s one of the reasons why they’ve been such a keeper, totally free from the box, height, width and scale. Most of all timing monsters.

Looking forward to it now (other than if they can’t do female vocals , which are a huge amount of my listening).

I should have given them an audition, so living in hope it’s a stunning surprise.

The Q10s were a total fail in my room. There was plenty of detail but no soundstage, thin bass and average mids. The dealer told me to run them in for 100 hours which improved things a little but not enough. Again, I suspect my room and positioning played a role. I had a similarly disappointing experience with the ProAc Tablette 10s which are much loved by many on the forum so, as always, there is no substitute for home demo. Hope you enjoy them.