In anticipation of a 272 and 250DR

After 3 years with my SU I’ve worked out a deal for a well cared for low hour 272 and 250DR. I’ve been very happy with the SU as it pairs well with my Ovators and with my QNAP on a Cisco POE and BJC 6A network it really just shines, esp after the addition of a Powerline and AV Options Ultra HBL power strip.

As I listen I wonder how much better can it get? I do hope it brings me as much joy as my olive 72/HC/250 did so many years ago.

Since I only have one Powerline at the moment is it best placed on the 272 or 250DR?

I have an AV Options Tibia Plus Deep Cryo AC cable I will use until I’m able to get another Powerline.


Well after an evening listening to the SU, SU+250, and 272+250 I’m quite pleased. These two boxes do pack a lot of punch. Very happy.

After looking at the input settings again I’m reminded that I don’t know what Input Trim is used for. Is there a reason I would use this feature?

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Input trim allows you to adjust sensitivity so that volume across different sources is roughly equal. Say you had 3 sources, 2 were roughly the same volume without touching the volume control, and the 3rd was quieter, you could increase sensitivity for the 3rd source to match the other 2.

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Thanks, I mostly only use the UPnP and a digital/optical for TV. I don’t think I’ve ever payed attention to the volume levels.

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