In ear headphones with microphone?

Looking for a high end set with noise cancelling. Any suggestions? I can’t find specs on some like the sennheiser ie900 to see if they have a mic.


I can’t help with naming a pair but I do know the sennheiser ie900’s do not have a microphone as they are just for listening to music (I have the 600 version). There are also different sorts of noise cancelling: passive and active. Passive attempt to block the noise coming in somehow, active create their own opposing sound wave to the external environment. It’ll depend on what version you want.

Thank you for the response.

I may need to broaden my search to wireless over ear headphones with a mic. Just nervous with wireless in ear ones and losing one knowing myself!

I am no expert.

However, I recently purchased Apple’s Air Pods Pro II. I had never liked Apple’s buds since the earliest ones (with an iPod from about 2005) fell out of my ears seemingly every five minutes. Things got slightly better over time, but for the most part I used IEMs, which stayed in but never felt “right.”

When wireless buds and IEMs appeared I took another look. I had no real issues with some Sony WF 1000 XM 3s, but I never seemed to want to wear them. Then my brother - not an audiophile - suggested that I try the Air Pods Pros. And I finally had what I wanted. Here’s why:

They stay in my ears. Several recent buds I’ve tried will sort of “lock” into my ears after twisting them. Secure but slightly uncomfortable. The Air Pods do this but with no discomfort. They don’t feel quite as secure, but they’ve never fallen out.

The IIs have great noise cancellation. I have not yet tried them on a plane, though.

The phone seems pretty good. I don’t use it that often. (I’m still one of those codgers with a land line.)

Making the connection to the iPhone is seamless. As for Android phones, I have no experience.

The SQ is . . . pretty good. I use the word pleasant. They are not designed for Mahler. Or for critical listening at all, in my audiophile opinion. But I rarely listen critically while walking the streets of NYC. I listen to pop and jazz, maybe some chamber music - all satisfying.

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