In Multiroom mode DAC used of the slave or of master

I am very happy with the Naim multiroom feature, because it allows me to use the Qobuz source from my NDX2 for my UnitiQute2.
I only wondered if the UnitiQute2 uses its own DAC or uses the analogue signal of the NDX2?
I assume it uses its own DAC, but just to be sure.

Hi, it’s a digital stream not analogue. So 100% it’s the unitiqute doing it. The stream is just coming from the upnp server inside the ndx2.

This is what I see when clicking into upnp on the ‘qute; the ndx2 upnp server is visible.

While multiroom is of course digital, it does not require the built in UPnP server in the NDX2. Turn this server off and multiroom will still work.

I assumed so, but I wondered if there was any division of labor between the NDX2 and the Unitiqute 2 when it comes down to the handling the Qobuz stream. But I understand now it is all done by the Unitiqute2. Thanks.

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