In Praise of Nac A5

My last remaining item of Naim Audio equipment is a 5 meter battered and bruised set of Nac A5 they beat a 3.5m set of Tellurium Black 1 cables when I had Naim equipment and have just done so again now that I have Quad Amps both times using Dynaudio Contour.

These annoyingly unbending, non pretentious and relatively cheap cables just do what they are supposed to do, yes the Q Black are more detailed and revealing but they lack the body of the Naim cables using a food and drink analogy they are full fat and the TQ Blacks are semi skimmed.


Agree with every word of that.

Don’t really have anything to compare to but in my system they let the music flow like I have never heard with any other system in my hifi-life. So they must be doing something right.

Agree. Used A5 for 30 years or so…what is the point of messing with it? Designed to suit the amps perfectly and it does so at reasonable cost

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30 years here too Jas. Never felt the need to chain my standard naim wires.

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