In praise of Powerlines

I’ve been wanting to try a second Powerline in my system for some time to power the 250DR. I have had a sense that the amp wasn’t quite giving all it was capable of but also realised I might be deluding myself. This week I finally got around to scratching the itch by sourcing a pre-loved one and fitted it this evening.
Straight away the improvement was obvious - much more authority and control with oodles more bass. Quite how a simple power cord can bring this degree of benefit I am unsure but improvement there certainly is. After 3 hours listening I am revelling in the enhanced sound and on a cost to benefit ratio am really chuffed! :grinning:


Yes they are nice - well done! :slightly_smiling_face:

And they run-in so you should have a bit more to come over the next few days - they run-in fairly quick.


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I have 2 Powerlines in my system. I would not part with them!

Darkbear,thank you for confirming that they run in. I put one on my CDS3 in an active system and initial thoughts were hmmmm…???.

A day or too later and I’m thinking, now that’s more like it.

Thought I was going mad, but the only explanation seems to be that a mains cable does in fact run in.



The insulation material settles and there is some brief burn-in. Generally after a day you have more than half of the result and half-again more every day on a long tail is my approximate experience.

The same thing happens over a much longer time period with lower-power cables and the boxes full of interconnects so it may be dependent on power and there is more in the mains lead.

I didn’t believe it until a demo by Naim and my Dealer when they were first released - they did without PL and with PL on a Superline phono stage supply - it was dramatic and I wanted to try them after that.
A darker cleaner presentation with less noise is my experience.


How does a PL compare with a Graham’s Hydra then? I run a two headed hydra into the 555PS and 250 amp, and the improvement was noticeable the moment it was plugged in (to the XPSDR, predecessor of the 555).

The 555PS came with a PL that’s still sealed in its bag in the box (potential extra selling point when the day comes to sell) but I’ve often wondered. Would there be a benefit to losing the earthing and other benefits of the hydra in favour of a PL into the 555 and a PL Lite or ordinary kettle lead into the amp?

Definitely get the PL into use (and use a standard Naim power cord or PL lite for the other unit). I’d suggest trying it on the 555PS first for a few days then trying in on the 250 - make your own mind up where it sounds best. Optimally you’d get a second PL of course.

I am a fan of hydras and have used them extensively. They are better than individual standard power cords but not as good as PLs.


Did you upgrade from the standard naim power cable or the Powerline lite?

Tempted to try a Powerline on my 200DR (using a lite at the moment and that was a clear improvement from the standard lead)

Assuming you’re asking me I have had a PL on my XPS for years but after getting my 250 serviced and DR’d recently thought I’d bite the bullet and get a PL for it. Up until now it has been powered from a hydra tail (other tails powering 2 Hicaps and the NAPSC).

Ideally I’d get 2 more for the HCs but will probably be more cost effective to wait until I can afford a SC DR and then get one for that.

Svetty just done exactly the same last week to my 250dr nice lift in performance over the supplied powerline lite.

Bass lines seem tighter with more depth.

Already have a powerline on my 555dr so that’s me done now.

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Does any one use a Powerline with a Nova, is it a worthwhile upgrade?

I used one with a Uniti2 and thought it was worth it to me. I bought it secondhand.

I have PL’s on all my system apart from the NAPSC. I have often wondered whether it made any point in buying a pre-loved one for that.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.


And to think you were surfing along on a lovely little nap 100 not so long ago iirc…

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Who me that was a long time ago :wink:

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Yes and yes!

Yes and yes again!

The first time I heard what a Powerline could do was when my dealer offered to bring one round and suggested trying on my Napsc which powered the control section of my (then) 282. I didn’t think it would make any difference at all. It did and I bought one straight away. Since then Powerlines have been introduced throughout my system. I’m definitely a fan.


Agreed . I got one a few weeks ago and it’s made a massive difference. I fitted it to my Nait XS. The difference in bass is very noticeable. Much deeper and more controlled. I’m going to get another one for my Flatcap . Great upgrade for the money, especially if buying second hand . A hi line is also an excellent upgrade…

PowerLine is a good upgrade for all Naim components (even for that NAPSC - which I found a bit odd, but it works).

Flexible, compared to many other power-supply cables, and thus easy to ‘dress well’ around the system.