In wall speakers - Brands to consider

I’m in the planning phase of refreshing my lounge TV arrangements with a plan to do a bespoke built in arrangement with everything concealed apart from the TV screen.

I’ve been looking at Focal in wall speakers as an example and had some initial discussions with my Naim dealer but no commitment or decision made.

Does anyone have any experience with those 300 or 1000 series in wall speakers from Focal?

Are there any other obvious choices I should take a look at for comparison.

@Naim.Marketing is there anywhere in the South of England that has those ranges on demo currently?

Thanks all in advance!

I like the sound of PMC speakers……so that would be my first port of call, a few bands have used them, Kraftwerk in their museum and a fairly recent rolling stones exhibition. They do on wall and in wall speakers……available from various uk dealers.

Thanks Gazza, PMC I’m familiar with as I already own OB1i and DB1i speakers. The ones they do are called Wafer and I see they also have a range called ci that look a good match.
Added to the list of possibles.

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Plenty in London and South East - dealer list here!country=GB&category=4

If you’re in Surrey, there’s a superb 1000 Series listening room at a dealer there…

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Thanks Clare, can you specify who to help me narrow it down, I’m guessing whilst there are plenty of dealers including my regular one in Aldermaston that can order them, not everyone will have the in wall range installed and able to be demonstrated. I’m ok doing a day trip to a reasonable distance to take a look and listen though!

Forum rules mean I can’t, but if you flag this message to Richard Dane, I can get him the info.

Understood, I could probably work it out with a bit of effort but it’ll save some time to take a shortcut.
I’ve got my regular source on the case as well, I think they’ve asked for some demo units (today) so that helps me and you in equal measure I’m sure as they don’t have them currently :partying_face:

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The 300 IWLCR6

ATC? Their in wall monitors are often used in studios, not sure how they compare to the Focals though. Good luck with your search.

ATC also on the list, the main goal is to have as much out of sight as possible whilst maintaining a meaningful quality level. I’ve got a wall W/H/D of 2.3m x 2.3m x 450cm to work with.
Speakers built in to a frame and inset are easy enough to accommodate the amp and other bits might need a small step out shelving section at the bottom.
I’ve not used in wall speakers before but it feels like the most appropriate choice and keeps things looking friendly and away from the kids as well.
Demoing speakers is hard enough, in wall ones even more so and given some are 2/3 grand per channel it’s a leap of faith at best hence the question here.

Hi. I’ve been using Totem in-wall for 7 years now, with an Atom since the Atom came out. Great sound, very easy install and that’s just with the Totem entry level option at the time. Often used as a second music system but primarily on TV duty. Recommended to anyone.

Appreciate the insight, that’s precisely the use case I’m addressing, probably it’ll end up as 2 channel audio for tv and music rather than a full blown surround setup. Thanks for inputs, I’ll take a look at those as well.

Its electec. They have an awesome room.

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I certainly want to do some window shopping on this up front if I can.
It’s an interesting project as the overall plan is to combine both a projector setup and TV setup within the same space but on different walls, it’s large and open plan and can accommodate that scenario.
I’m leaning towards a higher spec 2.1 or 3.1 setup for the TV and a more capable setup for the projector system, Dolby Atmos etc.
I don’t want or can’t accommodate it being a dedicated theatre space, it’s a lounge and needs to accommodate every day uses basically.
I did start off thinking to reuse the various speakers I already had but in wall or even on wall just seems a lot neater and tidier and removes any positioning concerns or wasted space trying to fit them in around furniture if nothing else.
I’ll look at Meridian as well, thank you @MrUnderhill

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