In warranty repairs query

Cut a long story short - I am London based.

Dealer attempting to force me to insure my in warranty faulty 250dr for full value (c250 gbp) before he sends back to Salisbury.

Is this normal or should I report dealer to Naim for avoiding doing a job for them, and look elsewhere?

Shocking. Report them to Naim and go elsewhere. :scream:


Maybe I should name and shame here actually…


When I had a Naim item that needed to go back to the factory under warranty repair, I paid nothing. The dealer even offered to pick it up, but as I was going past I dropped it off.


My in warranty 552 developed a fault on the left channel a few day ago the following day the dealer installed a loan 282 took the 552 away which has been returned to Naim for repair no charges whatsoever.

The same thing with my ND555 which developed a DAC board fault a oouple of years ago a loan NDX2 installed on loan all FOC.


Milkshock, I’ve messaged you.

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