So my analogue source hasn’t seen much use since the ND5XS came into the house. I know the Amadeus GT is a capable deck…so I enquired about a Stageline to replace my Dynavector P75/2. I had planned to go back to a DV20/2xl (as I have a brand new one in the draw) combined with the Stageline…BUT! My Hi Fi Guys are very devious, they know me…and exploit this fact. So tomorrow I’m taking delivery of the Stageline …and a Hana ML to replace the DV17D3. The Karat hasn’t grown on me. I find it a bit lean. These Hi Fi Guys have known me a while now. I actually think fondly of them. George and Mildred come to mind when I think of them. So a trip to Onehunga tomorrow for me. Its seldom that I look forward to a trip up to Auckland but I am a wee bit excited I must say.


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