Incorporate Naim XS or Sell?

Hello, hope all is well.

presently my system in New York is:
Naim Nait XS (non DR)/Rega Planar 6/Oppo 105/Focal Aria 926. All 110V.

By end of the year I will add, my purchases over the last 4 years 250DR/272/XPSDR, all new in boxes in Ireland for when I move home. All are 220V.

The Rega and Oppo are simply conversions to 220V. Nait more involved but relatively easy.

My question is, can one incorporate my current XS (non DR and 115V) into my upcoming new system or it’s can’t be done, it’s not worth the expense so just sell it here before leaving or do the voltage conversion and keep it for another system?


Hi, what exactly do you mean by this “upcoming new system”? Your 272/xps/250 is a complete system in itself, so presumably not that? Are you intending to have a second system that could use the Nait?

Sorry for the confusion but by the end end of the year my new system in Ireland will be:
250DR/XPSDR/272/Oppo 105/Rega P6 (220V) presently I run the Oppo and Rega in NY with the XS (non DR and 110V) so should I sell XS here or bring it with me and convert/incorporate it into the new system in Ireland or the XS will add nothing or it’s not worth the expense?

It will be superfluous in the new system so probably best sell it stateside.

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Thank you Richard. That’s all I needed to know. Appreciate it.

Richard one quick question please. Outside the cables that come with new separates could you suggest some decent ones for someone that is not flush with money (New York has got crazy expensive :frowning: ) or the ones with units are good?

In most cases I choose to use the stock Naim cables and NACA5. They are designed for the kit snd perform really well so no need to go crazy here.

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Brilliant. Now have more money to eat, drink, repair my ‘72 Vespa Rally, buy new records and be merry :slight_smile:



All you need to connect a 272, XPS and 250 are the Burndy that comes with the XPS and the Din to XLR lead that comes with the 250. So the total additional spending required on leads is precisely……. nil! You’ll need speaker cables of course.

Thanks. I got the NACA5 years ago at a great price. Also this layaway thing I set up in 2019 before Covid, worked out nicely because the prices have really increased in the intervening years.

Now I just have to pull the trigger and leave after 20 years here.

Promise last question for the day. What’s your feelings on interconnects from Rega P6 and Oppo 105 to the 272? I believe now I have Chord Clearway on Oppo and the Rega cables to XS.

What will you be using for a phono stage?

Do you have a Rega Fono or Aria? If so it’s a choice between Rega Couple RCAs or a Naim RCA to Din. If you have Rega Couple, stick with those. The Chord seems fine for the Oppo.

HH and Richard, I have the Fono.

Just use what you’ve got. The Rega leads are very good. Why spend money you don’t need to?

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Brilliant and thanks :champagne:

So glad I went with Naim
components not just because of their quality but because the people on this forum such as you, Richard and everyone else that has helped over the years and the Naim technical staff at the factory are brilliant too with their time.

Almost went a different path with unnamed American components that I had researched but when I called them about their voltage change feasibility they were rude and dismissive.

Hence I ended up on the Naim path and :ireland: don’t make stereo components :wink:

I have not looked back. Thanks everyone.

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