Incremental back up of HDD

Not when your daughter ruined them when she was two you don’t. I found her with a big chunk of my collection on the floor scraping them around , they never played or will rip again. Finding this now I am going back and ripping at cd quality. So many are just fubar. Had to replace some I have to own the rest I will just stream.

Oouch, have you tried Music Magpie for getting cheap second hand replacements. The ones I’ve had have been perfectly good for ripping.

For some yes, some of Amazon, some from the local 2nd cd shop.

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Netbak doesn’t delete any files on the drive you’re backing up too.
If a file is corrupted Netbak will attempt to fix it. You will know about it because it will take hours to do so.

Good point, I’ll always have my CD’s…one day I might buy a Core or Innuos ripper…so my start again. A good job for a wet winter day…

It would take you a lot longer than that! I reckon it’s about 4-5 mins a CD by the time you allow for checking that the rip was ok and editing in enough to identify the CD for later attention if the album art is absent or incorrect (more of a problem with classical where the album art changes often). So that’s say 15 an hour and believe me you get a feeling of brain death after doing about 3 hours. And it’s easy to get distracted by dipping into the music as you go. Even doing just 50 a day is a real slog!



WinMerge is a free download and does the job. Point it to a source, target and optionally a 3rd folder structure and it can compare & highlight differences, and easily pull them into line to get each folder in step. It also shows clearly which sub-folders are different. Options for full compare or just on size, date modified etc so trivial differences don’t cause false positives. It’s a neat utility. I’ve used it for an age.

Edit: mirror isn’t always great. I keep music that never gets heard on the backups but not on the core NAS. It’s there should it ever be needed but doesn’t clog the Naim app up with loads of superfluous artists and tracks that aren’t going to make it to the speakers any time soon.

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