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Hi to All.
i am writing from Italy, this is my first message (and my english level was classified as survival … sorry)
I am interested to the r-com, available as separate accessory its light buttons can be really helpful for me.
ok the price is high … but the question is about compatibility.
my system is composed by SN2 + CD5XS + tuner Nat05xs
Remote will command everything with the only restriction of available buttons or not, or is necessary to operate in different way (such as connect “remote” jacks on the back …) ?
i can’t find any information on the net.
any feedback is appreciate.
Many thanks!

Hi Giancarlo
I only use my r-com to operate my pre-amp as it doesn’t work for streamers. However, it will work for all three of your components - you press buttons on the remote to switch between operating the amp, the CD player and the tuner.
No need for any additional cabling.

Giancarlo, the R-com can control all your current items - Pre-amp, CD player, and tuner. It works just like the existing NARCOM handsets via IR using Philips RC5 codes. It covers most all the usual operational functions, however, you’ll still need a regular NARCOM for any deeper programming such as reassigning sockets etc…

many thanks. :+1:
Richard i think you are talking about the re-programming of memory and frequence of tuner… ok this is clear it is necessary to operate with the narcom that have complete numeric dial feature. For me is enough to switch up and down memory positions where each frequence is already fixed.

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the remote arrives 2 days ago. an impressive aluminium block 360 grams.
however has no effect on sound … absolutely unuseful under this aspect and extremely expensive … but … it is fantastic !
and i confirm that everything is working, cd, sn2 and tuner.


Are you saying that it doesn’t work? Does it light up when you move it?

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Oh no, Gavin everything is ok! item light up at tough, command everything however according the available function buttons (i.e. no direct dial 0-9 are available)
all green means cd selected
pushing pre or tuner button light white and relevant commands are selected :+1:
my previous words wanted to be an hilarious comments about the price and the effect on sound :smiley:


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