Innous/Melco servers SQ


What could we expect in terms of system sounq quality if we insert such a device into the replaying chain ? Many say a minor change in SQ compared to more conventional (IT) NAS, many say they are mainly for conveniance and others feel they (servers) cause considerable jump in SQ. What do you think ?

If you have a very good source, at the level of Ndx2 and more, and if you stream mainly locally, I strongly recommend something at the level of Innuos zenith, Melco n1h2 and up level.
An Innuos zen mini is good and very fine for convenience, but it would not be clearly an uplift vs a Nas.
I have a Melco n1z2 and Nds/555dr. It was a major step.

I find people recommending products tend to recommend what they personally use not what’s best
And a lot of that is based on what they feel comfortable spending, or often is it based on what they have heard for a short period of time.
A NAS will do a great job for most and there is no doubting the simplicity a server like a Naim Core or Melco - Innuos brings to the table.
I run all four at home, yes it’s over kill but fun and if I had to pick just one I really couldn’t and this is since all 4 have strengths and weaknesses.
But on my system on my network the NAS is in last place.


@HiFiFoFum I guess for us non trade folk its the only thing we can do? We can’t recommend something we don’t use, what we do use has most often been demoed and carefully considered. To the owners ears the choice they make and what they recommend forms an option based on their individual preference. I build up a list of respected members (In my head) and value what they say above people I am less familiar with. Everything is relative which is why I personally like to glean information from people with all levels of systems.

I use this as a starting point. A good example is I am just getting into streaming and my first foray will be based around users advice on this forum. Of course its very mixed but I have picked out the bits that seem best for my intended use.


Absolutely agree I was not taking a shot at any one
Do I have to spend 1000’s on servers ? No I’d rather not but I need to to make sure if I recommend a server that I have the know how to sort out any issues a customer may have and also so that what I recommend is in his or hers best interest.
I find the best way to do this is buy them and use them, same with NAS, at one point I had 6 of them all cloned all running different music managers all this was done to find out the ins and outs


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