Innuos 1.4.4 Update - Sound better and Roon Experimental Mode

I was part way listening to an album (so had a good baseline) clicked the Innuos web interface and spotted the 1.4.4 update, didn’t get any owner’s notification.

First things first listening to the same album (i will be asking Innuos) but it sound allot more detailed, bass a tad lighter, mid range more dominant.

Secondly the reason for the post appears the guys at Innuos have updated the Roon integration and experimental for better stability.

Would be interesting to hear from Innuos owners @Filipe



Released 19/05/2020

This release upgrades the innuOS kernel and core libraries, providing Native DSD support to compatible DACs. Experimental mode player integration has now been made further stable.

Note: Due to the size of the kernel and library updates, this update can take up from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to install depending on your Internet speed. Please be patient and do not turn off the unit until the update is complete.

New Features

  • Now supports Native DSD playback on a larger number of compatible DACs, especially those with XMOS chips on their USB Interfaces.
  • Improved stability of music player integration with Roon.
  • Upgraded player engine to have higher priority in OS processes, reducing latency.


  • Fixed issue with connecting to certain types of NAS for backup/import
  • Fixed issue with ability to move up/down the track when playing Tidal/Qobuz
  • Fixed issue with Spotify Connect skipping tracks
  • Fixed issue where only one instance of the UPnP server was possible on one network
  • Fixed issue with backup reporting the backup was not sucessful because of ignored files
  • Fixed issues with DNS resolution on some routers
  • Other small fixes and stability improvements

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