Innuos 2.0 - Innsights

So the first of a weekly drip feed of teasers.
Innuos have really pushed it here, excellent.


I have always liked Innuos mindset, if we can’t make it work right, we will develop our own way.

I expect Nuno from Innuos will deliver a rock solid app from the get go.

Naim should read and weep…the Core could have been so much better.


My goodness. If that’s their first attempt and it works…

Previous experience suggests it will of course work.

Looks positive, may save me a few quid on Roon, @Gazza I agree missed opportunity.

I’m sold, looks great.

That’s a damned impressive start,if it works we are in for a treat

Looks really good. Hope it lives up to the promises. I like that they are not keeping it closed to just Innuos although for the time being its just squeezbox support. If they can get 2.0 and the app to play to acts as a UPnP controller for endpoints and not just as a UPnP server they have a real winner.

Can’t escape those artists circles though every app now seems to use them.

Does look good.
That’s a lot of information for Week 1 of InnSights, goodness knows what they will still have left to say during Weeks 2-5!

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Just spotted this interesting little nugget:
New with innuOS 2.0 is now also the ability to easily export a playlist to a USB drive (local files only). This allows you to easily export your favorite music and take to your car for example. A standard m3u playlist file will be generated with the files which can be read by most car entertainment systems.

Haven’t seen something like that before.

Was thinking the same, hopefully next week a full spread on sound quality.

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I think i did try this with my Zenith a while back, as i wanted a hires selection on usb for the car, as i found Qobuz constantly flakes on.

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Recall not too long ago some folk deciding a car purchase based on availability of IPhone connectivity.

Just shows you can have great hardware, but it seems nothing if your software is crap.

Has my hoping Innuos expend into amplification …

Does the new GUI only works for direct attached DAC with USB or is streaming supported via Nerwork possible with this new feature?

If it’s a squeezbox/Squeezelite it will stream to it as the current version does, other devices and protocols to be added at some point, no indication of how long that will take though.

Innuos are making a real step change here with their 2.0 software, effectively having most of the UX and library management features that roon has. The ‘Insights’ reads as if this will initially be for the USB output only, I.e. using a Zen as a player/streamer, but potentially Squeezelite devices on the network.

Bear in mind that for hardware the ZEN products use a standard Intel motherboard, TEAC CD drive and WesternDigital HDD (don’t know about the SSD in the Zenith) with a power supply from CHC (and a custom Linux build) in a pressed case. I did a tear-down on my past ZenMiniIII to check this out, and there are YT videos on this as well.

I hope Naim upgrade the Uniti Core and the Server feature in the ND and Uniti software to have similar features to Innuos 2.0 @Naim.Marketing


Just spotted they also plan to support Deezer and Amazon HD, the latter may finally mean my Utopian single streaming sub.

But don’t expect any deep integration from Amazon like Qobuz, they are like Spotify and want users to use their app and eco system and not give 3rd party
too much accesss.

My original observation on Roon, repeatedly, was that there’s nothing in it that’s especially difficult to replicate and that manufacturers would inevitably cotton on to this. Here we are. Those lifetime subscribers will be getting a little twitchy in the coming year or two.

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Roon has a place for those who like what it does, for me I liked the UI and Radio everything else was of no interest to me and the latest release made it too fussy.

I envisaged Innuos would charge but have not and on paper from the 1st tease have really pushed it, which should be a huge slap wake up call for Naim and many others.

Excellent hardware is nothing without software to match.