Innuos 2.0 - Innsights

It certainly sounds like it’s a step closer, at least for innuos users. Lots of what I want Roon for appears to be in there for my main system. Looking forward to it

Today using Roon with my 272/ innous zenith (network connected as squezzelite player/experimental via upnp bridge from SMall green computeres). Can I use the comming innuos 2.0 to replace roon in this setup ???

Yes, currently in your my.innuos options, choose server integration, you have selected Use as Roon Core with Sqeezelite, just select Innuos’s option when available, it will be under UPnP streamers.

Recall the blurb saying you loose the benefit of 2.0.

How?? Which benefit, SQ or …?

I thought the op was asking about replacing Roon ? I guess you can move between options and reinstate settings etc. I took what was said is you can’t have the “benefits” of both at the same time.
Of course I could be reading it wrong.

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Sorry says disables most of 2.0

Found this also, assume it means a full MQA unfold ?

Also spotted the SQ benefits

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It’s still does a lot more in the discovery side of things, Innuous is taking baby steps here. Roons way of being able to quickly jump and find out any songs or album from any collaborator on an album not just the musicians is still way ahead. This looks like a promising start that hopefully they can add on. I am wary until they deliver some of the other promised features and how long it takes to get there.

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Yes I read this, I was thinking, maybe erroneously, that like current options you would be able to to go to server settings on my.innuos and select either 2.0 or Roon ? effectively current choice but UPnP selection would be 2.0.
I wasn’t suggesting you could run Roon and 2.0 in tandem but it’s an easy switch. I think the potential sound quality improvement over Roon will be the key element for me.

I understand your wariness if you currently use those features. Mine was a broader point though really. Innuos are first out of the gate. Bigger companies than Innuos will follow. Ultimately Roon will die


I’m glad I’ve kept hold of my re-instated Audiophilleo now.

Looking forward to this.

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There is room for Roon as a platform independent solution, as well as platform specific options surely.
I think Roon is too well embedded at the moment to “die” and it’s perhaps more likely that it will be subsumed by a larger company.

Whether you like Roon or not it’s popularity will have caused others to raise their game and offer some of the functionality that it provides.

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That I don’t agree with. The market for these type of servers is very limited and Roon gives you flexibility to run on any modern pc or Nas not tied to expensive hardware that becomes dated quickly.


It will also cause Roon to up their game. They are way ahead of everybody else already and no doubt have a future mapped out as to what they want to do with the platform. Not being ties to specific hardware will allow more flexibility overall.


I think there probably is room but it’s going to be very small. Their user base is currently 100,000. Once manufacturers get their act together it’s not difficult to see that shrinking by an absolute minimum of 25% and more likely somewhere between 50 and 75%.

I get where you’re coming from @CrystalGipsy but I honestly don’t see my Zenith dating any time soon.

Considering the price of entry is minimum £899 for a new Zen Mini that’s the equivalent of 8-9 years of Roon. Also their subs are at 250k not 100k. Yes you can get the older mkii but that’s pretty old in the tooth. I can’t see the Zen mini let alone the Zenith being valid 9 years from now.

I think Innuos will tread a cautious line in terms of setting themselves up as a competitor to Roon. A number of existing Innuos customers chose their products because of the ability to serve/stream and have Roon Core capacity. If Innuos becomes problematic in terms of running a Roon Core they may go elsewhere.

Not sure I follow that logic at all. In what way would a Zen or Zenith cease to be “valid”? The SSD may die but that’s fixable. The streaming is designed to add whatever you need to add and the new app very much reflects that. The DAC in the Zen was never state of the art to begin with but a stand alone DAC soon fixes that. What am I missing here?

If anything the decision on a Zen becomes easier once you know you can get most and, sooner or later, all of what Roon offers for no additional cost.