Innuos 2.2.4 now out

Just noticed, thanks to a post elsewhere. Fixes some cosmetic stuff.

Had a 2 hour remote session with them on Wednesday to sort a playlist issue partly fixed by this version. It revealed a further bug for which I received a fix which I gather was created in my 2 hours and then added to this update. No clue was given that this would be issued this week.

The big news appears to be a further noticeable uptick in sound quality.


Just updated, seems to have fixed an annoying glitch I had when using my MacBook M1. Innuos are doing well so far with the development of Sense.
Can’t really comment on the sound quality, added a Chord M6 to my system yesterday with positive uplift, overall sounding mighty fine.

After the last few updates I can’t get it to play past a single track on spotify connect.Frustrating as have tried support suggestions.We have family spotify and I don’t want to pay for tidal/quboz aswell.
It used to work!
Anyone any bright ideas ? thank you

The Spotify issue is an interesting one. Spotify want you to use Connect but charge a premium for that as I understand it. From an Innuos perspective I can see why that wouldn’t work because they prefer full integration as they’ve achieved with Tidal and Qobuz. Equally Spotify don’t offer an API… again presumably because they want manufacturers to use Connect. The alternative is an LMS plug in which Innuos don’t really support and which appears fairly flaky.

I see this as firmly off topic as it’s nothing to do with the latest update and isn’t going to change with any update.

Frustrating if you’re a user to some degree but really it’s a case of Spotify wanting to force an issue and a manufacturer holding their ground. I would think Innuos would t necessarily expect users to prefer Spotify over Tidal or Qobuz. Paying for a high end streamer to hear less than CD quality music when you have other options puts you very much out on your own in that respect.

Your one feasible option for me would be to engage with the author of the LMS plug in.

not really firmly off topic as still doesn’t work and 422 million active users around the globe Some of these might want to use an innuos…
it was also a request for help if anyone had got a workaround which isn’t unreasonable

Might be worth investigating if you ditch sense and use a third party app to control the LMS.

I use squeezer app to control the LMS on my squeezebox touch. Not tried it with spotify, but it works with Qobuz and Tidal. It’s rock solid, installed it 3 years ago, not had a single problem.

Release 2.2.4 fixed a problem with the M2Tech Hiface USB to SPDIF converter for me. Sense would stutter and restart whenever I tried to open audio settings for this device. Quite pleased with this fix, but cannot say I had noticed an improvement with sound quality this time.

Spotify needs to own the interface to their services, especially now they venture into podcasts, audiobooks etc.

I dont see that changing anytime soon, they have a business to run.

Same problem here unfortunately

I agree. Innuos have zero to gain from adopting Connect and Spotify have zero to gain from offering an API. That’s not going to change.

Most Spotify users are on portable devices. Even Premium users aren’t getting CD quality so there’s no great advantage to it on stuff like a Naim or Innuos device other than convenience and, a bit like Roon, there’s a false equivalence drawn between the number of devices capable of using it and the numbers who actually use it. Manufacturers feel obligated to offer it but aren’t going to be too fussed in Sind instances if if isn’t great.

I’ve offered a suggestion for a workaround and I think the other suggestion is sensible too. You either work with the plug in author or try another app.

I have noticed a slight tightening in the sound quality which is positive IMO. It has always been good but occasionally previously I’d ‘feel’ some softness that would reduce engagement/excitement. This has gone with the new release. It’s all minor but discernable (for me) and with audio can ‘feel’ like a bigger change than it actually is.

FYI I am using toslink from the internal m2dac in the mini to chord mscaler / Hugo 2 so the improvement could be due to fixing some of the M2 issues?

I have asked innuos support and there wasn’t a positive answer.

i wasn’t grumbling on here I was explaining what the problem was and asking if anyone here had a solution as there seem to be several innuos users.

I’m very pleased with my zen mini but it doesn’t work with spotify effectively.
I don’t want to pay for an extra subscription from Tidal etc as I already have a spotify one.

Following suggestions here I’ve tried the squeezer app and it wouldn’t see the library and I can’t find a way to get in touch with the guy who ‘wrote’ the Spotty code.

I don’t know how well spotify works with naim or Linn streamers but I do know it works very well on sonos on the same network.

Updated fine no issues, did not notice any SQ change.

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