Innuos experience

If you convert it to FLAC on the US before exporting it, the metadata is then accessible on other devices. You can try just converting one album as a test to see if this is your problem.

Hi Chrissu,

So I’ve imported a few (.wav) albums from my NAS-based US backup folder, and, touch wood, the basic meta data has come across - album art, track title, composer…

Would you expect any additional data if I preconvert to FLAC and back up again to a fresh US backup folder on the NAS?



Good luck. A real pain in the arse.


I’m picking up my Innuos Zen Mk 3 tomorrow and will need to transfer my files across from the Unitiserve, so I’ll let you know how I get on and if there are any issues.
However all of my Unitiserve files are .flac so I shouldn’t have any problems.
I converted them from .wav a while back to avoid exactly such issues.
If you rip to .wav on the Innuos the metadata is available. Just so you know.

Not sure if that is the problem you are encountering by the way, just running with @ChrisSU 's comments.

How very english…FR👍


I fear you may be correct - the tracks appear to be correctly numbered but do not play in sequential order.

As FR says, a real PIA,

Look forward to hearing from you anon.


In that case it looks like the Innuos has been able to read the US metadata, which is relatively unusual for a non-Naim device. The US has a relatively small selection of metadata fields available, so I suspect you are seeing all of them on the Innuos.

Of course if I’d checked the random play option…:unamused:


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I transferred 2TB of files, predominantly flac but some wav and other bits and pieces, from a Melco to an Innuos Zenith and it was as simple as running a backup of the Melco files and then copying and pasting chunks into the Zenith’s auto-import file. I did it by file date. The Innuos took care of everything else.

That’s where I got to quite late yesterday evening, albeit with just a few test albums.

Using the Import folder and copying or pasting into it seems to be the trick, any other approach appears to be very unpredictable both in terms of meta data and playback stability, some tracks would simply not play at all.

Thanks all for your really helpful comments.


Hi Dave
Why did you change from Melco to Zenith?
For the built-in ripping?
Library management?
Is there a SQ difference?
Which Melco to which Zenith?

actually - I just looked back and noticed your earlier post where you answered most of these Qs…

So one more Q - can you describe the SQ difference between the Zenith and streaming from Tidal or Qobuz?

Disappointingly @Dr_J I won’t be able to give you a report today as the Zen I collected was defect (clicking on switching on, sounds like a damaged hard drive).
The box did have an impact mark on the side which went through to the inner box also, I suspect that might have done it.
Anyway, my dealer is onto it and I guess I will get a replacement in a week or so.

One thing that im not sure if you were aware of regarding the import from your Unitiserve, did you know you can do it directly over the network rather than either backing up to your NAS and importing, or by using the Auto-Import function?

Basically you use the Imprt from NAS function, and in the Name you enter the IP address for the Unitiserve, and then enter the path to the Unitiserve on your network.
Using the Auto Import will take quite a bit longer apparently.
This may be irrelevant for you now I guess as you already have it underway, maybe useful for someone in the future looking at this thread.

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Hi Jim,

I’d got to a point with the Melco where Tidal was sounding pretty damned good and I’m pleased to report that there was no decline in performance with the Zenith. If anything it’s a bit better, based upon comparisons between a 24bit download of SAAB Project (unfashionable but delicious jazz-fusion stuff) and the Tidal version.

Tidal for me has been an opportunity to assess new releases before deciding whether to buy or not but, quite often, it’s so good that you question whether you really do need to buy. I’ve been playing the latest Fink album yesterday evening and again this morning and it’s sounding absolutely superb. Will I buy it?well maybe, just saw that it’s available as a 24bit download from Qobuz but then again…

Sorry Dave, I still don’t remember your configuration. You use the Innuos as a player connected to a Dac? Or the innuos as a Nas?
I use my Melco as a Nas.

Innuos to Linn DSM (I understand it’s now accepted protocol to refuse to reveal which model of DSM :grin:) via the sort of cable that causes great consternation amongst the tech-spec brigade.

I use the Zenith as a NAS.


So why you say that Tidal is a bit better sounding with innuos vs melco? The player streaming tidal is the linn dsm in that case? Not?

Yes, but it streams via the Innuos.

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Bizarrely using the Import from NAS function, which was my first approach lead to erratic meta data and some files which simply would not play, the Naim App showing “Stopped…”.

Nevertheless, using the Auto Import process, from a US backup folder, does take quite a bit longer, however, the imported albums then play perfectly with limited but accurate meta data.

No idea why this would be the case though.

Good luck with your Zen replacement, the Red drives their materials suggest they use are meant to be quite robust, server grade, however, spinning rust is prone to mechanical failure. Your sounds suggest a head crash or similar failure.

It tempts me to go for the Zenith, SSD based with only the optical drive to fail…


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SSDs are not immune to failure. Any drive can fail, but if you have a proper backup in place, that’s not so serious.

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So you rip CDs in the Innuous to use it as a NAS.
Plus download 24 bit (wav or flac?) files from Qobuz into the Innuous also as a NAS.

But you also stream Tidal via the Innuous into your Linn DSM.
And does that sound better than streaming direct into the Linn?
And, if so, do you know why it sounds better?

I find it very interesting that the SQ difference between Tidal streamed files and bought hi res files is marginal.
It makes me think that there’s not much point in getting an Innuous but instead investing in improving my streaming system further.