Innuos firmware 1.4.6 readiness for InnuOS 2.0

So looks like a long and major update has been released, just spotted it this morning, be interesting SQ wise as 1.4.5 was a step up.

Also hoping we FINALLY see the fabled Innuos control app, hoping for a sleek all in one Roon type curation solution.


Thanks for the heads up @obsydian, my Zen is away on a little vacation at the moment to have the PS upgraded along with changing the HD -> SSD, effectively turning it into a Zenith.
When it comes back next week/ the week after I’ll get this updated if it hasn’t already been done.
Definitely interested to see what the 2.0. Version will bring when it arrives…

Posted on my tether thread that I spoke to Innuos UK last week by email. Hope to follow up by phone this week. They were happy to confirm that the app was intended to be out before the end of 2020 but may slip to 2021 because of delays caused by Covid.

@obsydian Thanks for the heads up, just updated, a bit longer than previous updates took about 15 minutes

Yes, this update is just in preparation for hopefully a major 2.0 update which should finally give us the long awaited innOS app.

I’ve been using iPeng and more recently testing out Roon in experimental mode on my Zen Mini so I can stream Qobuz to my SuperUniti. It’s okay, but still not ideal. (Track skipping or not playing at all, has been an issue, even with the latest FW update )

But I have been toying with the idea to sell the SuperUniti and either get a Nait XS2 + Chord Qutest to use with the Innuos.

Or trade it all in for a Nova, which now has native Qobuz streaming.

If the InnuOS 2.0 app will allow for a more seamless integration between local stored music and streaming services. I’d be inclined to keep the Zen Mini and build my system from that. So I’m hoping for a Roon-ish type app…

Only so many times type can use that old chestnut

Tend agree. Delays due to Covid is a bit lockdown 1.
You’d think that if ever was a job you could do from home, writing software must be it.

Really? And the testing? Licensing?

The design and development yes. Testing yes as well. Licensing, don’t know.
Innuos are not a big firm. I expect if they need outside help that’s where any delays will creep in. Others may not see the importance of proprietary software that they ( hopefully) see towards building the brand.

Agree, they have the hardware and in house firmware, the control app would complete the package.

Was thinking sending my Zenith MK2 for the MK3 power upgrade

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When I was kicking around the idea of a dedicated music server 12 months ago, the lack of a proper app put me off the product. Plus I couldn’t bit get a clear answer from the dealer as where to pitch myself.
Zen mini, mini plus lpu, Zen or Zenith?
He did keep telling me the Statement was very good though!
Having to use some 3rd party software app was a real put off. The answer was that the app was imminent.
In the end I changed my Nas, reused the 2 off 6TB drives and paid for Asset.
But, I do still watch with interest.

@ChrisH, how long do they need for the upgrade to your Zen ?

Bit of a dealer failure there. I think it’s relatively easy to decide where to pitch.

I must say I’ve been attracted to Innuos and didn’t see anything in the third party apps which would put me off. Being tied to a proprietary app can be a PITA if the functionality is limited; doesn’t hit where you think it ought or lacks flexibility. The great thing about Innuos is that I suspect they will still work with third party apps even when their own is in place.

Despite all my noise about Itunes, Nas and Asset, I’ll watch innuos with interest. With a flexible ( and decent proprietary app) i could be tempted a bit further down the road.

Orange Squeeze for Android is horrible, iPeng is usually but messy UI, £10 and of late allot of work around needed to get around Squeeze issues.

It is a shame a great polished product is let down by 3rd party apps, I think for Zenith upto Statement £3k to £10k it is criminal to not offer a app.

The constant its coming, the multiple COVID excuses is not acceptable at this price point.


Any change in the GUI or functionallity?

When I used just LMS many years ago I use Orange Squeeze didn’t find it that bad over all, it at least had a unified search over local and streaming which not even Naim app does.

They reckoned 2-3 weeks, it’s been gone a week and a half so far, so fingers crossed shouldn’t be too much longer now.
I asked for my storage to be copied over at the same time to save me having to do it.

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Thanks was also thinking about that. Price wise it seems a not bad deal, seriously considering it.

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