Innuos mini zen mkII

I use a mini zen mkII with a nova and am very happy with the results.
As my router is at the opposite end of a 7m long room to my hi fi I use it on wi fi.
I wonder if anybody else using a zen has wired it directly to a nova and if so was the performance noticeably better?
Secondly is it possible to extend an Ethernet cable by 14m from a BT hub?

You can’t wire the devices directly to each other, but you can connect each of them to your network, by wiring both of them to your router, either directly or via a switch. 14 metres is well within the limits of what Ethernet cabling can support, so no problem there.

I run a 15m Ethernet from my router to a Cisco 2960 and then Ethernet from Cisco to Nova and Zen Mini - all works well, haven’t tried mini over Wifi via the router so can’t comment. I never found much of a difference though between WiFi and wired on the Nova

Thanks, I’ll extend the Ethernet wiring.

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