Innuos Phoenix usb reclocker

Sadly having issue with my current USB to SPDIF so not listened to my main system for nearly two months whilst a rather inept dealer still investigates.

This morning I started looking at alternatives to make the USB (Innuos Zenith Server) to BNC (Naim Nova) link and came across the new Innuos Phoenix.

It sounds I arresting albeit at a cost.

Sorry to hear that. Did the Audiophilleo go faulty? I found their support people good.


Initial support was ok, but as thereafter all down hill

What’s the problem?

I take it you are wanting to go Innuos > USB > USB/SPDIF > ?

If so, take a look at the Mutec MC3+ . It’s a bit of a swiss army knife for interfacing and is well regarded. They come up for sale in the usual places.

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I did consider the Mutec as Innuos recommended it, but in the end I preferred the Audiophilleo setup simpler as in battery powered and no extra cable required.

It is in standby, a constant ticking and creaking door sound, as my rack sits near me when watching TV drives me around the bend.

To me it’s clearly a battery fault but 2 mths on and no further.

Isn’t the Nova an all-in-one player? Is its Ethernet input so bad that you could not listen to your system for two months because of the failure of your USB>S/PDIF converter?

The Innuos Phoenix is a new product. Time will eventually tell how it compares to the usual suspects: Mutec MC-3+ Smart Clock USB, Shiit Eitr, Allo DigiOne Signature, Chord M Scaler, etc.

I certainly would not consider buying a Phoenix to feed a Nova from an Innuos Zenith …

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I did plug the ethernet back in after week 1, rarely bothered to go back since.

I am not sure I understand. Are you saying that streaming to the Nova via ethernet from the Innuos Zenith was not at all enjoyable in comparison to streaming from the Innuos Zenith (through the Audiophilleo) via S/PDIF?

If you use the BNC to BNC to connect I would try to support the Audiophilleo. Mine is vertical on to the PurePower connector with a bit of corrugated cardboard.


Yes that’s correct.

Hi Phil, yes I do use BBC to BBC, I found my Wireworld USB is stiff enough for some stability, I did try a sponge wedge in the past.

The only reason for ‘ticking’ is if the spdif signal drops out momentarily giving the DAC a problem so it makes a noise. Remember the Zenith sends a null stream even when no music. Having the Audiophilleo supported by the BNC connector is not good. Try what I suggested.


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This means that you need a source with an excellent S/PDIF output. You could sell the InnuOS and replace it with something like a dCS Network Bridge. Or even try a DigiOne Signature, if you happen to have two very good power supplies around. You could also keep the InnuOS and try an MC-3+ Smart Clock USB, Mutec used to have a very generous return policy. It’s a pity that InnuOS do not make servers with dedicated S/PDIF outputs!

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Phil - I don’t use a support anymore with it, plus I have not had it for nearing 2 mths as still with the dealer.

@nbpf I really like the combination I have, ideally I asked the dealer to replace the Audiophilleo but still waiting.

Well, in this case you are not really looking for alternatives, are you?

I hope you get the Audiophilleo back very soon. You can then borrow the Innuos Phoenix for a demo and tell us what you think about it!

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I just wonder here: innuos Phoenix : 2,2 k. Innuos zenith : 2 k. Nova: 4,5 k. Total : 8,7 k

Supernait 3: 4k. Ndx2: 5k. Total : 9k

The second is probably better and only 2 boxes solution, vs 3 boxes.

Not directly comparable, though.

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Yes, but the section amp, preamp, and streamer/ dac are better vs the nova.
I doubt that the innuos will fill the gap. But indeed I have not tested.
Just speculating.

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