Innuos Phoenix USB

just picked up an 8month old pre-loved phoenix USB for my system and thought would post initial thoughts now has been in system nearly 48 hours, have it connected via sarum T usb from the innuos zenith mk3 then chord C usb to the DAVE (will mess around swapping USB cables to see if sounds better certain way round)

initial thoughts is reminds me in some positive ways to the uplift for DAVE you get with the m scaler when i demo’d that (m scaler is also on my shopping list for source end game), what i mean by that is adding the Phoenix in the system gave the music an easier natural/organic flow too it (as though released some tension in a good way), would say also added extra micro detail and better soundstage separation (all in similiar ways to the M Scaler) the key difference between two i felt is that the Phoenix gives a much more positive noticeable effect on high res content via the zenith, whereas the mcscaler definitely gave more impact with redbook CD content streamed via the zenith. which is bit of a bugger as still makes me want an mscaler aswell :roll_eyes:

overall though would say am impressed with the Phoenix USB and cannot wait to try it with the upcoming innuOS2.0 OS upgrade

if your running a USB DAC, especially a CHORD one i would def recommend giving one a demo once you heard the roll off/decay notes from strings/piano, etc you wont want to give it back :slight_smile:


Congratulations on an excellent find. I found both the PhoenixUSB and the MScaler to be positive additions to the DAVE. I’m curious about the addition of the PhoenixNet, it’s receiving positive feedback so far, waiting on my dealer to get a demo.

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thanks :slight_smile:

i know phoenix net looks interesting too i hope it doesn’t have impact to be honest :stuck_out_tongue: as would sit in front of the zenith in my set up, look forward to hearing about your findings (my wallet doesn’t though)

I’ve a Zenith 3 and a Hugo TT2. Once I’ve replaced the Naim amplification to take me out of Naim completely I have every intention of adding the Phoenix USB.

plenty of ways to go

i personally am very happy with my naim amplification and the sound it is making

worth demoing with / without the naim amplification i would suggest to see which you prefer with the phoenix

Nah, the Naim amplification has to go. Obvious impedance mismatch with the speakers and on balance the speakers stay.

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I have the phoenix usb and the MScaler and agree with your findings. On my zenith 3 the two together were enough for me to give up any thoughts of putting a streamer on place. With chord amplification my current system is pretty close to my end game

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