Innuos Phoenix USB

Looking for any forum users who are using the aforementioned device, with a Naim and hopefully an Innuos Server.

I currently use the Zenith MK2, was looking to the SE version, but wondering if replacing my Audiophilleo SPDIF converter with the Phoenix reclocker.

Hard to find much connectivity information (i.e. is this USB in and out, if so I’ll still need to Audiophilleo.

Plus with lockdown not much chance of a home or shop demo.

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Interested in hearing as well. Something that has peaked my interest.

Good review by Austinpop over on Audiophile Style, I really dislike that name!

Excellent many thanks I drew a blank when asking Google.

A good read, impressed it improves on the SE and recall someone saying the same as the review, that the SE and Phoenix get you close to the Innuos Statement.

More interesting is the mention of the MUTEC clock. Before I went the Audiophilleo SPDIF converter router, Innous advised the Mutec USB 3 and later to add the clocker.

I do like the Phoenix can just be added to my setup, but I was hoping it would relegate the Audiophilleo, which is clear from the review it won’t.

The ever growing chain :wink:

I expect it will improve the performance of the Audiophilleo if only because of further noise reductions. I won’t spend the extra though.


Hi Phil I was hoping it would replace the Audiophilleo.
@MrUnderhill yes I want to limit the chain

But still fancy adding a Pure Power to my Audiophilleo1 SE, I used to have it with the MK2

I didn’t understand why you omitted the PurePower. I think it’s a factory upgrade.


Is this all fronting a Nova ?

Yes and kept the usual itch at bay comfortably.

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long story I had the AP2 with PurePower ending up developing an issue, dealer tried to resolve and finally as an exceptional good will gesture swapped for the AP1 SE, I did not realise it had no Pure Power.

I’d need to return the unit the AP for the $450 upgrade to PurePower.

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Thats the one, its the module to the right thats the battery, idea being when streaming power is supplied from the Pure Power and the power feed cut to further eliminate noise.

On my AP2 I purchased it with the Pure Power, was fine then something went wrong.

The AP1 is interesting as firstly it negates the need for an additional BNC cable as it plugs directly into the Nova BNC.

In addition the designer allows a virtual cable function, so you can noise shape to your hearts content, his view in this instance cables (usb) are irrelevant.

Reminds me of the USB Audio Player app that uses Morphit to match well known ear/headphone sound profiles, be neat if the same could be done with the AP1.

Another review…

Wow thanks a thorough and recent write up.

The Phoenix cost is bonkers though, but living with various older and my current Innuos servers, I appreciate just when you think you have squeezed max performance from a streamer, the next box up the ladder takes it even further, flinging open the window.

I’ve had the Phoenix for the last couple of weeks now and it’s as good as all the reviews and early adopters have described.

I’m using mine with KEF LS50 active speakers and a MK2 Zenith and the improvement is not subtle.

Soundstage has improved by quite some margin, instruments now seem to have their own space; the noise floor has dropped as I’m hearing things which I’ve never heard before; timing has improved (feets tapping a lot more!); The top end has a lovely shimmer to it; you can now drum cymbals trail off more realistically.

Yes it’s expensive, but having listened to it for a few weeks now, I can say it’s the best upgrade I’ve made.

No Naim in my setup (sorry!) but if you get a chance for a demo, I’d definitely recommend it!


Thanks I would adding to the Zenith II also, to me this is akin to a source first approach, buy the best server setup you can.

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Another glowing review even saying the combo leaves a stand alone Zenith SE way behind.

Feeling the itch, but feel my Audiophilleo does all the Phoenix does.

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