Innuos PULSE

Anyone lined up to get one of these at all ?

I’m after a new Transport (into a Qutest) and this fits budget, functionality and assumed performance (with the improved Mundorf cap’s). Just a shame they’ve got rid of the ROON Core functionality, although I know ROON recommended keeping the Core separated from music storage.

I know the PULSEmini is available now so hopefully this isn’t too far behind in terms of release date.

It does sound interesting……you could be the first on the forum.

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I think the price vis-a-vis build quality is bang on. I suspect that the pulse range will sound very good indeed. I don’t think Roon core functionality was ever an option on these streamers was it? That’s covered on their server/renderer products. Pulse’s are end points like the ND5 XS2. So you’d just set the pulse into Roon endpoint mode. Your Roon NUC server will instantly spot it as a zone. It will appear in your Roon remote as an endpoint. Nice! It’s about 200 sheets less than the ND5 xs2. But I don’t think that it includes Chromecast built in connectivity. For me, that’s a feature that I can’t do without - a deal breaker. I really am curious as to how these two players compare in terms of sound quality. Right now, I think that the ND5 XS2 with its digital out, is such a fantastic do it all hub. But…blimey…the Free Innuos Sense app. It’s good!

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The Pulse demo at the Northwest Audio Show was fairly convincing, especially given the prevailing ‘show sound’ . Innuos was one of the very few few rooms that made for entertaining listening


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