Innuos Sense 2.2.2

Got the update yesterday was listening so deferred the update until later and listening i must say more detail but its like someone turned up the treble to max so a shrill.

Anyone notice anything ?

Oh still no Tidal full unfolding.

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Are you using sense or Roon core in your innuos? Mine is Roon core but I’d agree deffo brighter

With a Chord DAC I couldn’t care less about the Tidal aspect but I have to say that absolutely doesn’t mirror the experience here. No change in the already excellent sound quality at all.

I am still waiting to hear whether the failure to load images from local rips when compiling a playlist is a bug or not. It’s persisted through this update.

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Sense nlt Roon, mods are better, bass seems deeper.

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Well the last one “took out” my using the zen mini a spotify connect when it had been working fine on the previous to that. Not too pleased with the now slow response time from support - no answer since Tuesday. When Innuos support from the uK was 2 guys in Leamington Spa support was top notch!

I thought they were very clear that using one as a core produced an inferior outcome anyway?

@sjw little change in customer support for me. It remains surprisingly quick and very personal. That said I suspect the launch of Pulse will have a short term impact.

Well, in my experience Roon on Innuos sounds better than pretty much anything else and works fine if you’re not using DSP or multiroom, but using Sense and not Roon sounds better….

Listening to rips and downloads doesn’t sound any different to me. I have no Roon or streaming services in case that makes a difference.

Has anyone compacted the music library database?

An interesting feature I doubt I’ll ever use.

Supposed to improve performance though

Improve or rectify deteriorations?

It will be interesting to hear the experience of others but, unless the gain is obvious, it’s not something I will be rushing to do.

I suspect it will function like vitamins and immunity. If your immunity is depleted then some vitamins may assist. If your immunity is fine then taking vitamins to im[rive your immunity is a fools game.

I saw this listed as a feature improvement, what exactly does it mean ?

Ive no idea, it just says to improve performance

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I had a quick check on the Innuos Fb site, it seems it relates to tidying up files to streamline performance, no impact on sound quality, deals with residual file info that may be left by IOS etc.

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Any reason not to do it?

The Innuos sales guy who’s on the fb page said that it wouldn’t cause any operational issues with respect to back up etc, apart from what I’ve read today I don’t know much about it. I haven’t done it.


Did you contact support through the Sense app? It tags lots of metadata to point your query in the right direction.

I asked for help on Friday and had a screen sharing session with Nuno (one of the Execs) today. He sorted 2 issues in 20 minutes. Sterling service.


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Only fair to concede in part your opening observation I think.

Mrs. H. and I had an evening of music and I agree after a much longer listen that there has been a change in the balance of the sound towards the higher frequencies. I can’t say either of us found it shrill, and goodness knows she’s the first to tell me when it’s “shrieky” or making her toes curl.

However, I also listen at relatively low volumes com[agree to say a decade ago so my judgement may be impaired by that; my tinnitus and the mismatch between my speakers and amp. We managed a good 4 hours of Christy Moore, Courtney Lee Barnett and Carla Morrison and loved, as ever, the detail, texture and lovely bass. I do think a tad more warmth wouldn’t have gone amiss though so you may well be right.

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