Innuos Sense 2.3 now available to download

New Features and Improvements

  • MQA Software decoding support

  • Added option to download purchased music from Qobuz

  • Option to disable syncing Qobuz and TIDAL with the Music Library

  • New integrated view for managing streaming services

  • Added option to play Artist Mix

  • Added option to play shuffle an Album

  • Added option to not sync purchased music from Qobuz

  • Ability to play All Top Tracks for Streaming Services

  • Added HD logo for multiformat albums with HighRes tracks

  • Player settings now save settings per DAC

  • Improved support for NAS drives with case-insensitive filesystems

  • Faster album cover and track file scanning

  • General performance and stability improvements

  • General UI and UX improvements


After the latest update i can’t play my music. I get this message: Album not found

Argghh i kept checking before 8AM, then left for work.

Updated without any issues, stats show MQA status, sounds good, bye, bye Qobuz.

Updated without issues. Mrs. H. very happy with the artist Smart Mix. Too much U2 already for my liking. MQA irrelevant to me and my Chord DAC but I’m sure this will be an important update for those who do value it so it’s all good for Innuos themselves.

Need to get my head around Qobuz purchase integration. Would have been nice to buy from within the app. Instead it merely appears to enable your purchases to appear on your HDD/SSD without the previous faff of pulling them across. Or have I misunderstood that?

Not listened for any change in sound quality yet. That will come later after the latest episode of The Last Of Us.

All updated with no issues. Noticed a few changes in the interface already

Yes am thinking, knowing Innuos software magic SQ improvements how much is the Tidal MQA and overall uplift, shame 2.3 after my Qobuz sub ended after a few years.

At the moment it just sounds so good, no need to analyse just enjoy exploring albums again.

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It seems to work now.

Since I have Qubox I can´t use MQA, but I am also somewhat skeptical about MQA

I have then discovered a problem in Qobuz. It won’t play track 6 - 20220207 from Ryuichi Sakamoto - 12 album. When I try it stops everything and I can’t play anything at all. I then have to restart Innuos again. There is no problem playing it directly from my iPhone or iPad.

Anyone else with this problem?

I can confirm there’s definitely something wrong with that track. After “getting stuck” there with no replay I can’t play any other track on that album without first playing another album, which can be from Qobuz as well as local storage. But I don’t need to restart either Innuos Sense or my Innuos Music Server.


Thanks for alerting to the update. Sounding rather good here…

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Must be Innuos issue as it plays fine for me via Roon.

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Thanks! Yes, that’s weird. Same here. I can also play it on Roon…

I’ll let Innuos know

I have written to Innuos regarding the problem

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That’s both of us then! :slight_smile:

I’ve raised an issue, as others have, with being unable to pause radio other than by switching to other streams.

I’ve also noted a backup issue. The graphic no longer rotates and plugging in a WD USB drive triggers a “player connecting” error.

I’ve a dial in with Innuos Monday at 5pm.


I have the same issue and go to the Naim app to pause.

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And now I’ve an image issue after searching.

I had to reboot mine yesterday when it had a problem loading albums etc. I haven’t updated. It might be a coincidence but maybe our Innuos boxes talk to their server!


Update 2.3.1 now available. Couple of small changes this time…

That was quick…