Innuos Sense 2.4.0

Just installed this, the changelog mentions HIRESAUDIO i thought they only sold rips, but seems offering a hires pc based streaming service.


I didn’t expect this to be included, on first look it seems expensive and less titles than say Qobuz.

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An odd decision given the other streaming services on the Roadmap. Not an especially compelling proposition given the choice and price (for me at least). I struggle to see what it gives me which Qobuz and Tidal do not. Will explore other changes later today but was amused/bemused to note that, as the person on the change log who proposed that updates ought to be notified, I had ticked the box and… nothing happened. I learned of the update via this thread.

Just read Nuno’s online update, the addition of HighResAudio is to give more choice but as you say I can’t see any reason, either in terms of cost or content, to move away from Qobuz. The lack of notification of an update is puzzling given some of the other development priorities taking place, like you I learned of the update via the post by @obsydian.


If your expecting Amazon Music think again. Not sure if this has been posted anywhere on here.

Nuno Vitorino

Unfortunately I do not have good news about Amazon Music. To summarize a very long episode, when we planned to incorporate Amazon Music, we were given access to the API and, as such, we thought it would then be a question of implementing the API access on our system, just like the other streaming services we have integrated. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Not only the API needs to be implemented but Amazon requires that manufacturers implement a DRM solution called Widevine so that all streams are encrypted in the system. This then requires certification by a 3rd party entity on a device by device basis. The Widevine DRM implementation would have a major impact on all the platform, regardless of anyone using Amazon Music or not and the costs for 3rd party certification are too high. On top of all this, the experience Amazon Music provides is quite basic and even basic features like adding a track to a playlist would not be available. As such we have decided to drop this feature and we no longer plan to implement this. As a workaround for now, there is the possibility to use Amazon Music on iOS via Airplay.

For Android unfortunately we don’t have a solution at the moment.

Please accept my sincere apologies for having to backtrack on this. I hope you understand this was not an easy decision for us.

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