Innuos Zen Back Up

I have an Innuos Zen Mini Mk 2 which I have finally copied all of my CDs to, I would now like to back up the hard drive in case it fails.
I was thinking of a 1tb portable usb hard drive, is this correct, if so can anyone recommend a certain make or model as I have no knowledge of them?

Yes. I’ve backed mine up on hdd and put it in a carrier so it’s usb. I would think any decent make will do

I use a 1TB WD Elements Portable Hard Drive, it works fine for me.

In fact, as added insurance, I make two backups and have been meaning to move one of the hard drives to my brothers house for a couple of years now🤔

Correction; that should be 2TB WD Elements Portable Hard Drive

Just make sure your hdd is stored in a different location to your Zen for added safety.

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