Innuos zen mini mk3 dead

so working away this morning, radio playing and suddenly all goes quiet. roon server not found showing on phone so investigated the innuos and the blue led is out. Pressign the button and no response so checked the s.booster psu and that’s all ok and the innuos is getting power as there is a led glowing inside and the ethernet light is flashing…
bought in may 21 so within th e 2 yrs warranty so i assume its got to go back… hopefully they dont have to mess with the hard drive as ive not backed it up…!

Have you checked the fuse ? I don’t have the Zen Mini but on Zenith fuse drawer below power input.

Your best option is to email Innuos support. Who usually reply within a couple of days.

no fuse on the mini as its powered by external 9v supply. tried the factory psu and it lights up inside and ethernet lights flash so its getting power, just won’t turn on…
ill be ringing their support in a bit

OK I didn’t know that, I get occasional problem that you describe but powering down/disconnecting seems to do the trick. Good luck.

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Hopefully OK - but this needs to be a warning to everyo e with all their music on hard drive, SSD etc to TAKE AT LEAST ONE BACKUP - and keep it separate -and that means not electrically connected, such as somewhere else on the network.

In case this helps, my approach is I have a NAS on my network, nothing to do with music playing, and when I make any additions or changes to music stored in my music server, I I copy to the NAS. Then periodically, I backup onto a USB drive plugged in just to do that, which I used to keep at work, but now since retiring I keep in the house, but furthest I can from the other storage locations and not connected to anything.

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Power down and let sit it could be locked even though it’s still getting power from the supply
Might need a good 1/2 hr off

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It was off for an hr and no joy, innuos support said connect via the diagnostic hdmi to a tv to see if the boot log runs… thankfully my fab local dealer @BasicallySound stepped in and offered help even though he did not supply the zen mini. He suspects hd fail but will sort with innuos as it’s still in warranty. Round of applause to Tony! Oh he’s pretty sure they can recover the music so next step is to get a 1tb usb drive!
Tunes back as can run my ultrarendu via airplay so all not lost.


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To give @Hifi-dog some “hope” that he hadn’t lost his music, we advised him that we have had at least two another customer’s Innuos servers repaired following either a HDD or SSD (yes, SSD drives do fail!) failure and, in both instances, Innuos were able to full recover the music library.

Initial testing indicates that the issue is not HD related but more likely internal power supply related. We wait to see what transpires once the ZENmini is back with Innuos tech. support.


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2tb usb drive on its way … if it pooped I’ve got 3/4 of it in a usb stick so quboz will fill the gaps. I understand that next year you can swap for ssd as part of upgrade scheme which I reckon will be circa 3-400 notes

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I think Innuos claim that they test/condition the drive in some way.


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just had a call from Basically Sound, my Zen mini is fixed. It needed a new motherboard so HDD is ok and so is my music. should be back sometime next week. Good Result from innuos and @BasicallySound :smiley:


Nice story
Great to read Innuos support is solid and reliable. That provides confidence to others (like myself) new to Innous.

Agree. Tony @BasicallySound is a star.
My experiences are same :+1:

Also, now I’m curious about possible future option to swop HDD for SSD. Sounds intriguing?

Happy ending.
Hope you’re enjoying the music again


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