Innuos Zen Mini

I’m thinking of buying an Innuos Zen Mini to go with my Naim Nova, does anyone use one and have any issues with it? How does it connect to my Nova, can it be controlled via the Naim app?



You have a few options. You can use the Zen as a UPnP server and access it over your network via the Nova’s Server input in the Naim app.
You can use Roon, and control everything from the Roon software.
If the Zen is the latest Mk 3 version, you can connect it directly to the Nova with a coaxial SPDIF cable and control it via the software provided by Innuos.

Yep I have a Mk2, works very well, I connect using Ethernet via a Cisco switch but you could use your router if you don’t have a switch, it will appear on the server input of the Nova, no issues really, very easy to load and edit metadata and above all it sounds good too

You might do better reading and asking on the other current thread, Innuos Zen Mini MK 3 - Feedback Request

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