Innuos Zenith MK3, Roon Core with NAC 272


I would just like to post my thoughts on the Innuos Zenith 2Tb MK 3 with my NAC 272, 250DR, XPS DR, Focal Utopia Diablo NAC A5.
I have connected it via digital input into the NAC 272 to usb into the Zenith. I have set up the Zenith as a Roon core and the interconnect turns the NAC 272 into an Roon end point. (Hiface M2Tech ). Previously I was using a NAS drive and a Sonore UPNP bridge. ( this was coupled via squeezebox which was hit and miss and very annoying ).
So firstly integration is excellent and speed from pressing a button on the App ( Roon ) and play is instant.
The Sound by source ( All inputs have a greater bass and depth )
+Tidal HIFI - A nice improvement over the Sonore mainly in separation, clarity and clean bass.
+Ripped CD’s - This is a game changer I have reripped CD’s ( still a lot more to go ) and the sound is simply phenomenal it is far superior to Tidal or the previous ripped CD’s. Clarity, separation, clean bass and just listenability

  • 24 Bit downloads, HD Tracks/ Quobuz purchases - Again this is a game changer it is absolutely fantastic.

It took a while to connect the NAC 272 trying squeezebox and many other scenarios unsuccessfully. I would definelty recommend the Hiface M2tech which is nearly a plug and play Roon picks it up straight away .

It is an excellent upgrade that also gives functionality.



And it gets better still with the Audiophilleo + PowerPower! I tried both!


Hi Phil

I tried the Chord Dave and felt it didn’t justify the extra cost as my ears or my system are’t good enough to appreciate it ( it was better but not 8.5k better ). I was then looking at the Qutest but was told this would not be a good upgrade as the Naim 272 DAC is better. However getting to the point after giving some back ground can you explain how you feel the Audiophilleo improves the system as over £1k is expensive for a lead

Yes, it is expensive but it is designed to isolate the noisy usb side from the Spdif side. The jitter on the spdif is down to picosecond level. Noise and jitter lead to SQ degradation.

@obsydian has one without the PurePower used between his Zenith and Nova. I have nDAC/555DR into 552/500. Every box upgrade brought improvement.

It’s best to demo first which might mean sale and return.


Thanks Phil

Ill see if some one will do sale or return


I use the nDAC rear USB to charge the PurePower. It happens usually overnight or when I’m not playing from the Zenith. I assume the 272 has such a port.


No Phil there is no usb port on the 272

I notice you have the super lumina speaker cable would you know whether it is noticeable better the the NAC A 5

The standard charging is from the same USB as the signal, but I had some issues with the daisy chain on my preloved Audiophilleo + PurePower. Others here may be ok.

I like SL. I can’t so how it might sound in yours.


Is there any info available regarding the max power the Ndac usb can deliver.

FC, I suppose enough for a USB Drive. My iPhone can’t play direct into the Audiophilleo, but I used a hub with a power input which worked. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t as good though!


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Had my Zenith a month and it continues to get better.

Any reason you didn’t try the TT2 given that it sits between the Qutest and the Dave. My amplification is a level or more below yours and yet what’s being delivered at present is fantastic.

Have you tried Roon in experimental mode? Several people have recommended it. I’m no fan of Roon but I tried it quickly and it was a further jump. Have you considered the Phoenix?

I take it you are now re-ripping CDs with the Zenith, how were they ripped before ?

Hi Ricto,

have you tried the Innuos Zen Mk3 ethernet port via CAT6/7 cable into the NAC272 ethernet port? I would be interested to understand your experience of this approach. That is the route I went down, because I had not heard of the HiFace M2TECH gadget.


This is where I had a problem, I could not get Roon to find the NAC 272 when connected via ethernet and went through hours of research trying to find a solutions. Eventually Innuos came up with the solution I have implemented on their advise.
I did listen to the Zenith connected via ethernet to the NAC 272 using without using Roon and the sound was as good if not better however it was so close I would not like to give one over the other.


I ripped all the cd’s many years ago with a mac book and i think power amp. Not sure reripping them is necessary however since Ive got to stay at home wash my hands and keep my distance I see reripping as a long term job.
Also the ripping process is so much easier quite literally just push the cd in and job done.

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Would be interesting to rip a few cds and compare with the MacBook rips. I am quite sure you will hear an improvement.

Yes I will have a listen.
Has any one compared the Dave to the TT ?

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Hi Mike
Think it is something I will have to do

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There’s a USB port on the front of the 272. I haven’t checked on the 272, but on other streamers this will supply power as per the 5V standard for USB, so I would be surprised if it was any different.

When Phil Harris was at Naim he suggested that using the USB port for powering devices other than an iPhone was a bad idea and strongly recommended that I used a separate mains power supply for external devices, convenient though it might be.