Input autoswitch - Issue

Hi guys,
I’ve bought last year a Naim nait XS3. Worked perfectly, sounds amazing!

But since a few days, i’ve noticed the amp automatically switches inputs to the “phono” or “aux” input. Whether i’m listening or not, the amp switch by itself the inputs.
I’ve tried to put it off and on a few times, but it didn’t change anything.

I’ve only plugged two sources in the Naim : a DAP (CD Input) and my AVR on bypass mode (av).

Have you ever noticed this problem? Is there a way to reset the amp?
I sent a ticket to Naim support, but didn’t received any answers.

Thank you a lot

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Welcome Thib.

Does it do this if the AVR is not connected? Try it and see. I’m wondering whether it’s being caused by some odd earthing issue - the Naim has a proper mains earth whereas AV kit often floats the earth.

Hi Richard
Thank you for such a quick answer.

I tried to unplug the AVR but didn’t change anything.
I’m currently making an experience by unplugging the DAP from the « cd » input. For now it works but not sure the problem could be there?
Otherwise I’ll try to connect the Naim to another electric socket.

Thank you very much

Have a nice evening

It’s worth trying without the DAP and seeing whether that’s causing the problem.

Hi Richard
A few updates.
I’m starting to lose faith, as it’s getting worse ^^

I’ve tried different configurations:

  1. I’ve plugged either the Naim, AVR or DAP in different electrical outlets, didn’t change anything
  2. When the AVR is the only source plugged, the problem is there. Could you be your insight!
  3. But, even if everything worked until yesterday, i can’t plug the DAP to the Naim anymore. When i plug it, i immediately hear a huge « bzzz » in the speaker. I can’t listen to music anymore and i’m forced to put the DAP off. The « bzzz » sound appears even whatever the input is selected. And i tried to plug into the cd, stream or tuner input, didn’t change anything.
    I tried to plug the DAP to the AVR « audio in », and i’m able to hear the music without problem.
  4. When the Naim isn’t plugged to any source, seems stable…

Do you have any ideas? Seems like i’ll have to send it back to warranty?

Thank you very much

Finally I found that the naim is very sensitive to sources connected to earth.
So I plugged back the rega turntable and made the « bzzzz » noise disappear when plugging the dap

So I’m experiencing two configurations
1-DAP+turntable+AVR = auto switch problem
2-DAP+turntable only = in progress

So maybe your insight was right! Now the TT is plugged back I’ll be able to see


The NAIT XS3 is indeed sensitive to earthing in the sources - mainly because the NAIT itself has a mains earth, which many sources, especially more mass-market ones do not. AV kit is worst of all because often associated equipment, TVs, cable connections etc… carry voltages looking for earth, which they find through the signal connection to the amp. In this case if you get issues you should fit a ground loop isolator between the signal out of the AVR and the NAIT.


Thank you very much, very instructive.

I’ve already ordered this morning the ground loop isolator for the AVR/Nait connection. I should get it in two days, looking forward to testing this.

I wonder why this problem suddenly appears last week, and not during the 1st year.

Thank you again


A few updates as the problem is now solved.
I hope?
It’s been one week since the problem disappeared, and the source of problem seemed to be indeed at the AVR. More accurately, from the TV.
I’ve unppluged the Tuner TNT from the TV (the antenna is collective for the whole building) and it’s now ok. No more autoswitching.

For the interferences when I plug the DAP, it’s acceptable but i’ve ordered “Titan main blocks”. Hope it’ll be better.

Thank you for everything!


Richard i’ve made a post but haven’t had any specific answers on it so contacted you in hope you can help solve the issue. i’m trying to solve an issue regards the front leds’ on my nait 5i-2 which is currently locked to the tuner input which my cdp is played through. Everything sounds just as normal apart from being unable to change the led to any other input so cannot play any source connected through my external dac. Is there any method i can use to solve this without having to take the amp in to my local naim centre? It will be 10 years old this november so not sure when a service is due on the amp? Thanks!

Henryski, I don’t know the answer, I’m sorry to say. Have you contacted your dealer or Naim support?

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