Input naming Uniti Atom

Apologies if covered before… I’ve recently renamed the USB input on my Atom. I want to change it back to USB, but the system keeps
reverting to the new name. Any ideas why?

I haven’t tried doing it, but I expect you have to save the new name before exiting the page where you rename it. There will be a button somewhere on the page…

Edit: I have now done it on a Nova. You have to tap the Done button on the keyboard.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not seeing a ‘Done’ button. I rename and click OK in the app. The name changes for a short while, but then reverts again. Puzzling.

You can see the Done button here.

Is that on iPhone? Looks different on my Android device. I either hit return or OK. Either way it changes briefly then reverts to the previous name.

Yes that is IOS. Normally android works in a similar way though.

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