Input selection on 552 with Naim app

Decided to hook up my very old (70’s) Rega Planar 2 TT. I used RCA input #8 on the 552 which is unsigned to any front button and then programmed Aux-1 button to that input.
On the Naim app I note Preamp-1 is active. My ND555 is connected to input #2 which is activated by the CD front button by default.
So how do assign an input in the Naim app to input #8 on the 552 and call it Phono for example.
Sorry but I’m a little confused.
The TT does play if I manually select Aux-1 button on the 552 front.

You need to set up system automation in the app.

Thanks @anon4489532 , system automation was always engaged and the app controls volume etc. It also indicates that the streamer is on Preamp1

If you now go into input settings you should see all the preamp inputs listed, in addition to the inputs on your 555. Disable those you don’t want to see in the app and rename the one the TT is connected to as phono.

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