Input trim vs phonostage gain


my turntable was noticeably quieter than when streaming music or playing CD’s, so I adjusted the input trim (9) on my Uniti. This works fine, but an alternative would be to adjust the gain on my phonostage. My guess would be that the current way would be recommended as it keeps the voltage over the interconnects low.

Is this assumption correct?

Interesting question. I adjusted the input trim to balance up levels from my rega phono stage without giving a thought to this. Though not sure if I could adjust the gain on my phono stage without getting into the case, which I don’t know enough to do.

Some phono stages have controls for user-adjustment of gain. The Rega Aura has a high/low gain switch on its front panel.

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Unfortunately my Rega Fono which I use with Dynavector 10X5, high output moving coil does not have this. Still as it sounds good, I am not overly worried, just intrigued to findout which route to balancing inputs would be the best route to go.

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