Insane Qobuz Pricing

A well-known Internet-based retailer is offering a Compact Disc of Buddy Guy album ‘The Blues Is Alive and Well’ for £6.51.

Meanwhile, Qobuz have a marginally less-attractively priced digital download for £75 or, if you really want to splash the cash, £87.49 for the 96 kHz version.

Is this just a random pricing error, or a regular thing with Qobuz!

Quobuz has been known to sell album downloads ridiculously cheaply, such as 3 or 4 years ago the full Maria Callas opera collection, somewhere in the region of £7 or £8. There will always be anomalies - just buy from wherever is cheaper, like grocery shopping!


I think that is just an error - sometimes you get lucky and they get it wrong the other way.

Head over to 7digital they have the 16bit version for £6.49

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It must be an error. However I agree that Qobuz became expensive. I prefer Bandcamp, but sometimes no choice.

They are expensive for hires. Bandcamp is my first choice these days or I often buy the cd as its just way cheaper.

Qobuz are still great value if you have a Sublime subscription with 40%-60% off HiRes for participating labels/artists.

For the most part their ‘CD’ pricing is stupid and you’ll generally buy things much cheaper with a physical CD elsewhere but that may be down to the labels.

I also dislike the fact that Sublime discounts only apply to hi-res, many titles are not available in hi-res and are ridiculously expensive.

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Yes, got some ridiculously cheap downloads/sets a few years ago - all credit to them for absorbing the inevitable losses.

Qobuz & logical don’t fit in the same sentence.
Obviously an error, but I doubt they will admit it.

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Something doesn’t look right there, here is the qobuz website for that album, £16.99 in hi res:

Hmm listed twice, can’t tell the difference (apart from the £)

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Clearly they’ll sell it at a normal price for anyone who wants, but anyone believing a higher price means better quality, or simply wishing to pay a premium price, can do so, and bask in the glory of knowing they’ve supported Qobuz!

Aren’t the Qobuz guys entitled to the odd mistake?

Or are we becoming the Victor Meldrew appreciation forum?



Ouch… I suddenly realised I am definitely becoming a bit of a Victor M as I get older.

I know it’s likely due to the old frontal lobes receding a little, but the forum gives me comfort as I know I am amongst friends as I often recognise fellow frontal lobe challenged members :grin:
I am certainly notreferring to @Sloop_John_B though…

Indeed. They do commit some occasional howlers and it’s usually to the significant benefit of the buyer.

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