Insert a hicap olive in my hifi system

hello to all forum members, I have the possibility to insert a hicap in my current configuration formed by nac 102 napsc and nap 110. I think it can be a step forward of all the audio parameters as I read here on the forum. The hicap is sold with the black 5 din snaic cable, so I ask: for the insertion do I need additional cables? Currently the napsc goes direct, while the nap 110 is connected to the preamp with 5din / 4din snaic.

You should have all the cables you need unless you have a SNAIC5-4 instead of a SNAIC4. If it is a SNAIC4 then you can reuse this to connect the Hicap to the 110.

I don’t have snaic 4 but snaic 4/5 in current use, with din 4 of nap 110. I was thinking of connecting my current snaic 4/5 to socket 1 or 2 of hicap and exit from socket 4 of the same, with black snaic din 5 towards nac 102.
It’s wrong?

I’m not sure how you are using the 5-4 but it should be a 4-4 if not using an external power supply.

SNAIC5 goes from 102 5 pin output socket (banded) to socket 4 on the HiCap. SNAIC4 goes from HiCap socket 3 (banded) to 110.

If you are using an older HiCap it may have power on socket 3 (check rear label) and if it does use socket 2 instead.

Remove the link plug on the 102.


hicap (2)

Interesting…It sounds like you are using the SNAIC5-4 between the 110 and 102 using the Output 5 Pin socket on the 102 ?

Normally you’d use a SNAIC4 to connect them, using the Ouput 4 socket and a small round link plug in the Output 5 socket.

Anyway, you won’t need to use the SNAIC5-4 cable anymore when you introduce a Hicap and will need a SNAIC4 to connect the Hicap to 110.

Note @Guinnless comments about the age of the Hicap and socket 3. In your photo above, Socket 3 has power on it so use socket 2 to the 110 and socket 4 to the 102.

Good morning
My question was just to understand what was needed to enter the hicap. In chorus I was answered a snaic 4. I’ll have to buy it.
I didn’t want to add an extra expense but hicap should be a substantial upgrade.
Greetings to all and happy sunny Sunday

If that’s the case, its simply wrong. It is not how it should be. Surprised it even works.

Fix it ASAP. Before considered any Hicap.

Yes it does sound an unusual way of wiring hence the question.

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I think its likely that only part of the 102 is being powered…?

I know that on the -5 preamps, one +24V DC rail supplies the Phono boards and the other +24V DC supplies the rest of the circuits.

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Could be Ian.

From the FAQ

Other versions: SNAIC 5-4 - for connecting a Naim dual-rail power supply to an early single-rail pre-amp. Length 1.25m.

So only one +24v pin would be wired at the DIN5 end. It looks like the OP is using it the other way around than intended, but if the power rails split in the 102 as you say, then that’s probably how it’s working. I’m assuming it’s a genuine SNAIC5-4…

The joys of Naim wiring :grinning:

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Combined with the belief in not needing to read the instructions… :expressionless:

At times, I am reminded of this - which may or may not be true:

Word Perfect Support


in fact, nothing is connected yet. While waiting for the hicap to arrive, I was wondering which cables were needed for correct functioning. The snaic 4/5 was assembled in
uk handmade from ebay shop specially with van damme branded alternate cable.
Maybe it can be converted by me to 4/4 by replacing the 5 pin connector with another 4 pin following the diagram.

I should have a 4 pin solder connector with collar always available.
Trying to save money is not a bad thing these days.
what do you think?

Go buy a proper naim 4 pin snaic.


Ah…. that explains things.

Unfortunately we can’t discuss modifying SNAICs due to forum rules, so we’ll leave it at you need a SNAIC4 :slightly_smiling_face:

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of course I understand.

With a bit of effort, a proper Naim made SNAIC could be yours for around ÂŁ30 to ÂŁ40.

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& make sure you get the black one not the older grey ones

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