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Just had a fairly hefty renewal quote from the broker. Any recommendations for contents insurance with sensible approach to Hi Fi (particularly accidental cartridge damage) and LP’s?


This has been covered a few times
Eg Home Insurance 2022
The name that pops up regularly is hiscox or nfu mutual.

I would avoid hiscox - in my experience they are a nightmare handling large claims (6 figures)

I’ve not yet had a problem with Halifax.
I simply have to advise them of any components over £3k and they insure them for their actual value.
Records is another whole issue though. No idea about insuring them specifically…:man_shrugging:t2:

Happy with Santander, policy is from Aviva, no single item limit and new for old, like for like when it comes to gear, Record collection does not count as ‘valuables’ so while covered does not need to be itemised and they were happy with clz list of records/cds.
Can’t comment of claim settlement as never claimed.

Aviva seem to be agnostic around contents cover limits, albeit I haven’t checked their latest T&C’s. They are far better than Direct Line (expensive and pedantic around contents detailing).

Usual protections apply in ensuring you have pics and receipts et al, should a claim ever be required.

I’d imagine trying to get £100,000 plus from any insurer would be a challenge. We had Hiscox back in the day. At the moment we have John Lewis insurance, which seems to offer good cover.

I have just given up on John Lewis home insurance. I cannot remember how long we have been with them, but lengthy. Only two claims, both met quickly.
Then last year they changed underwriters, required a new declaration. I had to list all audio equipment and all camera equipment. The strangest thing, any camera over £250 said to be a valuable and not covered out of the house. I stayed with them as the premium was lower than before.
This year, the renewal letter arrives with no premium quoted. Phoning was frustrating, every day the same message “we are busy and calls are taking longer than we would like…” “please renew online…” trying that gave a message, we need to speak to you, quote code xxxxx. Eventually I got through, they needed to speak as they will not cover audio equipment as I had listed, and the premium would increase by 68%.
I tried NFU, they wanted over £1000 and then only if I have a connected alarm installed.
Aviva said equipment is covered in contents, records in contents. Premium about the same as I paid last year.

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