Integrate streaming service into the Naim app

Hello everybody,

I have another question.

I use the relatively small but nice download and streaming portal
I like it very much. The quality is also great. But that’s just by the way.

I would like to integrate this portal into my NAIM app. How can I organize this ??

p.s. I have an ND5 XS2

Maybe someone has an idea.

thank you duthomas

Hi. You won’t be able to do this unfortunately.

Oh shame. :frowning:

Absolutely no way there?


As far as I can tell there is no integration into another app. The website suggests they will at some point be integrated into Audirvana; this might provide you with the opportunity of delivering the Audirvana stream to the Naim app via upnp… possibly.
Jriver has a wdm driver that steals audio from any windows application and routes it through jriver, but that cannot be routed via dlna or upnp.
Some folk use bubbleupnp or mconnecthd to achieve integration of qobuz etc but they don’t appear to support integration with hra.

It’s also £180 subscription for the year, you might as well ditch them and use qobuz for the same amount.

I discovered something interesting with my NDX.I have the Naim app on my phone and I also loaded the Qobuz app. By accident I found that if I selected USB in the Naim app and was playing music from my Iphone I could select music in the Qobuz app and it would takeover from the music playing over USB. Don’t stop the original music just play Qobuz - might work for the HiRes app. NDX rather than your streamer but worth a try…

Ah yes. I already use the opportunity with Audirvana. The program on the tablet only works as “playback”. So I always have to run the desktop version on the computer to hear the music from the NAS or the Internet.
Ok, then it has to stay that way.

Thank you for your prompt reply.


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