Integrated amp for ND555dr

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I would much appreciate ideas for integrated amps to demo for my ND555dr.

I am under domestic pressure to reduce the footprint of current 552/300dr lineup, which together w speakers take a lot of space in our main living room. Needless to say I totally love this system, its a dream, but like to understand what a smaller setup could do.

Keeping my beloved ND555dr and taking a capable PRAT integrated amp should allow me to put 3 boxes on top of eachother in a neat piece of furniture likely custommade (now rack has 3 stacks)

I need to focus on what I can demo. In Denmark, i can hear SN3, Hegel H590, DCS etc, so really keen to get your ideas.

Many thanks!

Br Lars

Thats a tall ask to replace a 552/300 if you like the Naim sound. A good starting place to demo, would be a second hand SN2 or a new SN3. Best of luck, others on the forum have downsized and may be able to give you some thoughts…its about getting to a musical place that delivers for you. That is the whole system, not just the ND555. Maybe a NDX2/SN3 system should be considered, its nicely balanced?

Thanks Gazza!

Yes its a very tall ask, and for sure the SN3 is definately on the list. It all depends on the best alternative I can find.

Br Lars

Can you help the forum with your current speakers and cables etc…might help with ideas?

How about reducing it to two stacks? 33% reduction in floor space and a very reasonable compromise.

Agree! but my better half is looking at a bigger change to the layout of our living room, so need to find out how much I can make the system disappear… br Lars

Thinking out of the box: can you put the stacks in another room, and use long loudspeakercables? A tiny hole in the wall could be all you need …


How about reducing to two stacks and getting a custom made backless sideboard to encase the whole caboodle. Then you can put the bowl of fruit and ever so tasteful sculpture on top and it would be like the ugly hifi never existed. I say this tongue in cheek but I’m sure you get the idea.

Hi Lars, it will not be easy to replace such a great kit with an integrated but I’d look at Vitus/accuphase/luxman/esoteric.

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Pass, Nagra…some say that Gryphon 300 sounds great…

Thanks all already for many replies!

I cannot do any tricks w long cables etc so would need to find a new amp.

Br Lars

Vitus, Gryphon, Boulder…make integrated at the level of Nd555.

I have not heard them but my dealer is rather pleased with Accuphase high end integrated amps…might be worth a demo.

Thanks all - which vitus would match? Its a Danish brand so hopefully i can demo.


Have you given consideration to an Aavik U-380 ? I heard its predecessor, the U-300 and it was very very impressive … One box … pre, power, phono plus headphone amp. And, of course, it’s Danish.

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SIA 025 from Vitus
Aavik U 380 as recommended above
Gryphon Diablo
However only if a test at home is possible…

You should also consider Dutch & Dutch 8c active speakers. Then you don’t need an amp at all.


How about the Canadian Sim Audio Moon 600i v2 or 700i v2 ?

This forum always impresses and delivers great advice! Thanks will look for those - even sourced locally

More ideas of course highly welcome!

Br Lars

I’ve Supernait 3 with nd555 : very very good
I’don’t have hicap dr : it will be an upgrade