Integrated amp for ND555dr

I have an ND555 with a Supernait 3. It’s a great system. I used to have a 272/250. The old system had greater drive, but the new system just sounds right. I’d say the Supernait allows the quality of the source to shine through. Not as good as a 552/300 but I’m enjoying music more than ever on a domestically very discreet system. If you like the naim sound as you obviously do, it’s definitely worth a listen.


@LarsDK, in a total different direction, you may want to check out the Linn Klimax DSM + Linn Klimax 500 twin amp, just 2 boxes, they are designed to match cosmetically, and sound wise, no need to have any special HIFI stand, you just plonk them on any furniture you see fit.


maybe one day naim could realize a great high end integrated amp
the bad thing of Supernait 3 : a mm phono and not mc phono output

Among those integrated mentioned above, the Aavik is the most Naim-like imo…
The Gryphon and Vitus are a more round earth/organic presentation but with plenty of grip and dynamics, perhaps even more so than the 552/300.
Have not personally heard the Accuphase but I understand it is high on micro detail but perhaps a bit “soft” when compared to Niam. Another brand to consider in this ballpark is the Ypsilon integrated.
Denmark should give you plenty of demo options…

I heard many times the Accuphase, different combos and always felt it was too soft and dull sounding.
The Ypsilon sounds a bit clinical and lean, despite it uses tubes inside.
The Jeff Rowland Cintinuum is not far from Naim sound. A lot of grip and prat. But needs speakers as Sonus Faber or Apertura to really match them well.

Great insights - heard many good things about vitus for sure. I should also try things are doing things a bit different to broaden the horizon a bit.

Varyat, would you think of other integrated amps in addition to those mentioned?

Br Lars

Good push w Linn, but I just never heard a linn setup that engaged me like naim

Just a warning note on vitus - I know two people who have / had them - both had very expensive failures (the same problem - don’t know the details) , one of whom had it under warranty, the other not. Of course I am not claiming this is representative but…/

Oh - thats not good! Have more had that experience?

I was going to say Aavik U-380; others already did. I know someone who runs that with an NDX2 and loves it.

Thanks Bart - had a look, clearly more expensive but seems to come with many recommendations! Its on the list for homedemo! Br Lars

It was not a push, it was a suggestion. :slight_smile:

I understood your preferences, some very much prefer Naim, maybe one of the main factors is your choice of music.

My system is a mixture of Naim and Linn components, tested and selected over a number of years.

If budget allows, Soulution integrated Amps could be an answer. I’ve heard the 500 series pre/power combo with an ND555 and it was simply beautiful. I rarely hear rival amps that I would ever consider as alternatives to my 552/500, but these were very much that. The 300 series integrated may be more domestically acceptable ( the 500 integrated is enormously tall, but technically is a single box!). These are some of the best integrated Amps you’ll find IMV. Good luck!


Thanks! Yes sorry if the word push indicated something else - meant it was a good suggestion!

The other usual uber-integrateds usually include the Dartzeel, DAgostino Momentum…The Hegel 590 has rave reviews but I have not heard it. I did demo the Dartzeel and it was a beautiful sounding amp…shimmer and sparkle but did not have the grunt that I was looking for. I ultimately chose the Vitus SIA 030 and am very happy with it. Not sure it would fit your goal of reducing floor space though…its a beast and a bit tubby in the mid waist :grinning:

Many thanks KJC - never heard about them but will surely check-out.

Also - love your speakers based on their looks, read about them, but never had the option to listen to them. How close to the wall do you have them?

Br Lars

Thanks Varyat! I will see of those are available to demo. I hope the vitus 025 is a bit slimmer then :smiley:

Another secret - LFD NCSE Mk 3, google is friend if you want to find out more about it.

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Lars- you are coming from a 552/300. Very unlikely that a SN is going to “do it” for you imo…The 552 brings so much to the presentation that the SN is going to sound shut-in in comparison.

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The 025 is a sensible size…give the 030 a listen if you have a chance :sunglasses: