Integrated amplifier with naim nova


My current setup consists of a naim nova and pmc twenty5 21.
Alltought happy with it, I’m founding the nova to be sometimes inconsistent with the sound, specially with the firmware updates.
Having heard wonders from other users (that also had nova) that went to a 2 box solution (streamer and integrated amp) I’m thinking about taking that route as well.
Thing is I’m not quite ready to let go the nova yet so the first step would always be to get the integrated amp first (thinking about naim supernait 2/3 or pmc cor).
I know that adding a power amp for naim nova is ok, but what about adding a pre/power amp?

Thanks for your time

You could use the preouts of the Nova into the integrated as long as you use the input that allows AV bypass/AV fixed volume as it will bypass the pre on the integrated and act as a Poweramp. Not sure what benefit it would bring. Why not just save and replace it all at the same time to a separate amp and streamer.

I think I got the ideia.
Saving for the 2 separates is going to take more time, and getting the pre/power amp in advance will give me time to try different streamers and solutions without losing the nova right away (wich will act as a streamer in the meanwhile)

Why would you keep the Nova if you have an integrated amp? Sell the Nova and get an ND5XS2 or NDX2.

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I wouldn’t keep the Nova either. Jumping to an SN2/3 and NDX2 might be too much at the same time (point taken), but why not go for the SN2 or 3 plus DAC and transport. The Naim DAC you can get for less 1K from Naim dealers and Chord’s Qutest is £1,200 (new); and decent transports don’t need to be expensive either (Allo, SOTM, Aries Mini, Bluesound…).

Personally, I am very happy with my Chord Hugo 2 – and it wouldn’t occur to me to dish out 5K for the NDX2 and possibly even more for power suupplies… Obviously, others feel differently, but I think there are better options for less or similar monies…

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I’m not planning on keeping the nova. It’s just a temporary solution to keep streaming until I finally decide (after trying comfortably at home) which way I want to go. This can be ND5xS2, NDX2 or anything else.

This type of approach is what I’m interested in. But to try different things (and for that I need time), I first need the pre/power amp. The nova would be there just for streaming purpose until I reach my “end game” (is that ever going to happen?), and when that happens I can then let the nova go away.

Either way, my main question (adding pre-power amp to nova) Has been answered allready, and for that I appreciate you all.

I think that it is rather silly to keep the Nova, just for a streaming front end, that long. It’s a $7500 piece of kit. You could buy a used NDX for less than a third of that. An NDX2 is around half of that. And there are a variety of even less costly options. The Nova is not “better” as a stand-alone streaming front end than these options.

If I sell the nova to buy a pre/power amp what is the source I’m going to use since i only do (at the moment) streaming (tidal/qobuz and sd card/flacs)? I’m not going to have a integrated amp just sitting around with no way to play music until I find what I really want. And I’m not buying another streamer (even if cheaper) just to replace the nova as a intermediate solution. That would be a waste of money and time.
The ideia to get a pre/power amp first (and keep the nova) is to then choose the best route, and that can be fast or not!!! When that happens i sell the nova to get what I’ve chosen!
I am pretty aware that the nova is expensive, it’s an integrated amp already, and quite good for what it is but like many of us, I just want a little bit more…so right now, baby steps.
It might even happen that an integrated amp doesn’t improve a nova sound quality, and in that case I just might use the nova on its own. But once I have a integrated amp (supposedly better than a nova) that will give me time, to contact dealers and try different things (at home) and then make my mind.
If I take the jump right away to (let’s say) ndx/supernait 2 combo, I might think that (in my room) there’s no big difference and I still want more…and then I would have to sell the ndx…
Thus I prefer going step by step.

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Keeping the Nova and sell it later might produce a greater loss than buying and selling an “interim” NDX. Not that I would recommend the NDX Mk.1… For similar money I would go for Chord Qutest and transport, for instance…

To make things more complicated, I had a Chord Qutest and Digione/Rpi for transport. Got a good deal on a newer NDX. Sold the Qutest and am happy with the NDX. Kept the Digione/RPI to feed into the NDX if desired in the future. To the OP, take your time as you appear to be doing.

Are you looking at brands beyond Naim for a streamer/player? If yes, then yes there are a lot of options at various price points. Otherwise, the Naim offerings do line up pretty well correlating price with performance. And given that you stream a lot, you probably want the current generation (NDX2 is very likely your sweet spot) streamer player.

Have you optimise your Nova with upgrading cables etc?
I finally got to listen to one recently at my dealer and I was rather impressed with the unit. I was also comparing it to similarly price Bryston integrated.

Even made me wonder replacing my 52/300 with it. Having multiple Naim boxes have its own complexity and it’s a sort of a commitment. Altho I haven’t direct AB not sure if upgrading to mid-tier 2 box is a good VFM.

It’s a possibility. I’m ok with some glitches from the app and nova itself. I’m not ok with some sound fluctuations that nova has and I am afraid other naim streamers might have the same issue.

I love the one box solution and simplicity of the nova and would love to keep it. The thing is, like i said previously, there has been some sound fluctuations.
When I started with the nova I was ok with the sound. I loved it. Then new firmware came and with it a temporary “horrible” almost inaudible sound. After that…the best sound ever…I was like “wow!!! This is coming out from my speakers in my room!!! This is definitely what I want” but then…back to the beginning! Not that is bad, but I have heard what the speakers can do and want to get there again.
New cables are a possibility but I rather save/invest in new gear.

Which Bryston did you compare the nova to?

This is far more “fluctuation” than might even cautiously be labelled as “normal.” If a Naim device goes from sounding such that you “loved it,” then became “almost inaudible,” and then again “wow” – something is woefully wrong with the unit. And while firmware changes MAY change the sound (not every firmware update does, however), I’ve not heard of any rendering a product “almost inaudible.”

unfortunately a lot have recently experienced this with their nova.

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