Integrated amplifier

Burmester / AVM / MBL integrated amplifiers-
Which one of them fits in, with Naim source, if any?

I have heard the Burmester integrated amps. Both the 082 and the 032 are effortless. Build quality is excellent and the sound is superb on both. The ‘budget’ 101 is also very good at its price point.

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Might I suggest you add Vitus to your list?

I like my exposure pre and power combo


Did you bolt them together? :grimacing:



In my experience they have a rich musical sound albeit at a cost. I’d be interested in a higher level Naim integrated.


Which speakers, the S600?
How big is the room?


Indeed Lindsay. No interest in the current pre-power range for me (been there etc…) but a Naim integrated above the SN3 would be good. Maybe one day…


Have never heard yet Burmester and MBL. Strange these brands are not much represented in France, as they come from our neighbours.
Someone here replaced his Naim boxes with Aevik integrated, another brand to consider with Vitus. @leatherneck could tell us more. ( he wanted to have less heavy boxes than before).


I heard (read) also very positive reviews about PMC Cor and Bryston B-135 “cubed”

Sorry should have payed attention to the title!

Personally i love shoe box integrated amps i just like the form factor.

I’m baffled why people think that Naim - whose entire history has been about design decisions to separate power supplies and isolate sensitive components - should suddenly build an integrated behemoth…

Even Statement relies on isolation to a large degree in its design.

It’s almost as if people feel that their desire to have an integrated ‘Ubernait’ trumps the laws of physics governing amplifier design. Granted other makes have high end integrated amps but why would Naim resort to mere ‘me too’ designing when they are an iconic industry leader in the field?


True enough, but if there is a market there for such a beast, why not?

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As technology moves on plenty of people don’t want their lounges dominated by double racks of black boxes. Personally I like the less fussy idea of a one box amp - I suspect there is room for both, those that want the ultimate sound of split boxes and those that would accept a compromise to have more simplicity.

I for one would love a high quality integrated and if anyone can do a great job of it it’s Naim. If they chose not to then the the laws of demand and supply will come into play and other brands will fill the gap to meet the demand.



Especially half sized…



I’ve ordered Aavik U280 and S280. The U280 is an integrated amplifier with built-in DAC. The S280 is a streamer with built-in DAC.
When these devices arrive, I will use them to replace Naim ND555, NAC552 and NAP 300.
My goal is to reduce my box count from 6 to 2 and box sizes and weight in the process.

There are three Aavik grade levels 180, 280 and 580. There are several types. Innn for Integrated amp, Unnn for Integrated Amp plus DAC, Dnnn for Standalone DAC and Snnn for a Streamer w/DAC.

The same company make Ansuz products that include network switches, cables, power conditioners, etc.

The company also produce speakers.

All made in Denmark.

Prices range from $$+ to $$$$+.

A U180 plus S180 would sell In the ND555 range.


I hope you plan to demo your options?

Very important, especially spending this amount of £.

Regarding your source too, you need to listen to intended Amplifier purchase with your Source to make sure you like the end result and it’s to your taste.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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Yeh, as i wrote.
room is 5.2x4.3x2.75

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Im pretty sure Naim’s multi box approach is off putting to many and the fussiness of the cable installation and getting unnecessarily longer length speaker cables just because the amp sounds better that way. Brain and brawn racks as well.

Count me in for a £8k reference Nait. Whether it’s the size of the 500 head unit and weighs 30kg wouldn’t bother me at all.

I’m curious one day to try a Rega Osiris with my Naim front end. It would fit the bill in a lot of ways and all fit nicely into my Isoblue without overwhelming the domesticated front room.

There are a lot of higher end integrated amps out there.

Not meaning to knock Naim, great products,SQ and long life serviceability.