Integrated amplifiers always powered on

Hi there.
I am wondering if anyone official from Naim who is on this forum could kindly spare 2 minutes of their time to clear up the question of whether a integrated amplifier such as a NAIT or SUPERNAIT should be always on for best performance OR should be turned on and off for each singular use.

There is so much conflicting opinion on this, it would be good to get an official responses.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi and welcome to the Forum. I have a SN2 and it’s always left on, unless there is a close severe thunderstorm, or when going away for more than a few days. Otherwise starting from cold it will always take a while to come on song and the electronics get more wear going cold to warm and back all the time.

I thinks it fairly universal amongst all users that Naim amps should be left on.

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Thanks for the reply. I have been hearing this a lot and it makes sense yet people still comment that it is the fastest way to a costly re cap and should be turned off. I guess hearing comments like that it always leaves a little voice in the back of the mind.
Thanks for the reply.

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Naim have always recommended that their amps are left switched on for best performance. If you want to hear it direct from them, read your manual.

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Thanks for the reply Chris. I’ve read the manual for the supernait 2 but can’t find that being stated.

I have an SN2, and I just leave it on all the time. It definitely seems to sound better the next day, and it’s also recommended by almost all members and Naim as well,

Great stuff to hear.

Thanks for the reply!

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That’s why there’s no power switch on the front. Although I think a Standby mode, switched from the front might be a good “Green” thing Naim could do.

Always ON.

Leave it on, unless there’s a thunderstorm forecast or you go away for a few days or more. That way it will always be ready and optimal for when you want to listen to music.

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My XPS DR, NDX2, HiCap DR & SN 2 are always left on unless thunderstorms are in the area.


Never really seen any conflicting as such on here. Certainly never seen the view it’s the fastest way to a recap. Clearly you’re hanging out in the wrong places :slight_smile:

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To answer the OPs question, yes for best performance leave on. However, the heat generated will Bry out the electrolytic caps quicker. And thus the need to recap quicker.
I do know when I turn my pre/ power amps on, that the sound for the first 30 mins is brittle.

So yes, leave on but the heat will kill the caps quicker.

From the Supernait 2 manual:

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My nait 5si doesn’t seem to generate much heat whether in use or idling. I’m sure the cap’s lifespan isn’t going to be affected too much as they are rated for high temperatures.

There should not be much or indeed any heat at all from a Naim power amp when idling. If the amp gets hot then you’re either using speaker cable not specified by Naim or there’s some other cabling issue or possibly an issue somewhere within the amp.

Yea my amp is pretty much cold when it idles.
I am using nac A5 cables too. They are 2x 3m lengths. I know there not over 3.5m. That surely shouldn’t make a difference though ?

There are musos and the odd superuniti, hdx etc left permanently on at the factory, it’s perfectly fine.

Thanks for the reply! Good to hear. :+1:

Agree with all the above. I have never heard anyone suggest otherwise to leaving on all the time for best performance.
Naim service recommendations at 10-years and this based on leaving the units powered on 24/7.