Integrated or pre/power that don't need 3.5m speaker cable

I previously had NAC82/NAP150x and NAC82/NAP200 and very much liked the sound, but now I have kids having 3.5m of speaker cable coiled up or concertinaed between speakers and amp is not practical. Also there is no scope for having the system to the side or rear of the room.

Are there any integrated Naim amps (or pre/power combos) that are happy with shorter cable? I did once try the 82/150x with 2.5m cable and there was a very pronounced “tiss” on sibilants which went away with longer cable.

The Unitis and I believe the SN3 are more tolerant. How long should it be?

The integrated amps and Unitis are more tolerant than separate power amps, but still not immune from the effects of out of spec speaker cables so exceeding the minimum length is still preferable. If you use NACA5 or other cable of suitable spec you should get away with it but it would be useful to try it out. A dealer should be able to help with this.

I have little kids 6 and 4, and the slack cable is coiled under the rack. Not once has this been a problem.

For a few years, when the kids were not yet walking I did just leave it coiled off to one side and they never touched it.

Your lucky then, funnily not all kids are the same. My tweeters can tell a few tales, as can my cd collection with a large number destroyed by little hands and the floor. And my daughter knocker my speakers off their stands twice. Hifi went away for a number of years.

Ideally the cable would be 2.5m, as the speakers are each 2m from the amp

Nait 5Si or Uniti’s would work with 2.5 M

But as others say, I’d coil it below rack furniture hidden away for kids.

In my experience Supernait 3, if a consideration for you, has worked absolutely fine with even 1.5M speaker cables so 2.5m should be plenty

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