Integrating Lyngdorf MP-50 and Naim N272

Hi there,

I’m considering the purchase of a Lyngdorf MP-50 theatre processor. I also use my theatre for 2 channel listening via theatre bypass on the N272. The Lyngdorf only has balanced output.

@Richard.Dane Is there a preferred way to integrate from a theatre processor to N272 from a sound quality standpoint? I believe you can use either DIN input or unbalanced RCA for theatre bypass. Is that correct?

If no concerns going from balanced to Naim DIN does Naim make such a cable or should I reach out to my dealer to source a custom cable?

Thank you!

Scott, yes you can use either of the analogue inputs on either RCA or DIN. You just need to set that input to AV bypass - that way the processor will take over volume control for that input.

You’ll need a custom cable for going balanced to single ended - talk to your dealer.

Interested in what you think of the MP-50 and how it compares to the Naim sound. What processor/AVR are you moving from?

I don’t have it yet but would be moving from a Cary Cinema 12 which is a wonderful sounding pre pro IMO.

Thank you Richard. Would you think there’s any preference from a sound quality standpoint which input was used? Same question for avoiding hum?

I can’t think of any - except that for best sound I generally prefer DIN to RCA Phono. As for hum, I have no idea - it’s something you’ll only know about when you try and may also depend on the i/c as well.

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