Integrating Proac standmount and subwoofer

Does anyone in Harbeth group also use a subwoofer with the tablet or D2R models?
Also how to connect it to the NAP 135 ?
Are there any benefits to this combination, or am I embarking on an obscure adventure?

I’ve got a pair of REL t9i’s on order to go with my D2Rs. Currently I’ve got a single t9i on loan and it’s adding a nice bottom end extension to the ProAcs. Having said that the past two months has been a process of dialing it down so that it’s practically invisible (until it’s turned off that is). The D2Rs provide most of the slam. I had a pair of custom Neutric cables made and connections are made from the ProAcs speaker cable terminals.
REL are launching a new range next week and the current Ti range are on 10% discount.

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I’d be surprised if D2Rs needed much help with the bottom end, if fed a high quality diet.

Linn LP12 +NDX2+ XPSDR+ HiCap +250DR…High quality I’d say and they benefit from the Subs. Less is more in this case, you’d be surprised .

In my opinion a sub can do wonders but, and a big but… it depends how your room will let it integrate. I used to have a big SVS SB13 ultra sub that worked really well before we moved. After the move I could never get it to work as well and it ended up sold because of that. Same system different room. Always good for movies though.


I have ProAc D20R and use a REL S/510 all the bass I need… Since I don’t have a Naim amp I run my REL off the speaker outputs (with REL Baseline Blue sub cable) but ground on my Shunyata Denali’s ground post. System is dead quiet.

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