Integration Naim HiCap DR, a Flatcap 2 into Existing System - Optimal Set ups

Dear Learned Naimers

Integration addtional Naim HiCap DR, a Flatcap 2 into Existing System - Optimal Set ups

I would like to hear how best I can integrate the above potential buys to achieve the optimal setup with my existing systems?

I have the chance to purchase at excellent prices a HiCap DR, a Flatcap 2 and a choice of streamers of either an ND5 XS 2 (2018 Build) or NDX (2017 Build) – all equipment is being offered from an authorised Naim dealer, has been checked, serviced and warranty provided.

System 1: SUPERNAIT 2: coupled with ND5 XS Streamer, 1 x Hicap DR, and Stageline -Speakers B&W 805D

System 2: NAC-152 XS / NAP 155 XS coupled to Stageline (objective to add a streamer) – Speaker B&W PM1’s

I’m looking for another streamer for the second system: my initial thoughts are to swap around the existing ND5 XS Streamer and couple this with the NAC-152 XS/NAP155XS and purchase either the NDX XS2 or NDX and couple this with the SUPERNAIT Set up

I’m keen on the benefit of adding power supplies to both systems: I’m not sure how or if the potential additional purchases of the HiCap DR and Flatcap2 would work or integrate with my current HiCap2 DR and benefit the existing systems?

I’m happy to swap components around to get the optimal setup

Would love to hear your thoughts on this subject to best use what I have and what’s on offer?


You can power the stageline or 152 preamp from the additional hicap or flatcap but nothing else. You cant use these psu with streamers.

So possible scenario
System 1 use hicap with stageline, buy ndx
System 2 use flatcap with 152, use existing nd5xs.

You can even use a hicap and a flatcap at the same time with 152/155.

3 variations of system 2, with hicap or flatcap or both.

It’s in the manual


I’d forget the extra Hicap. Put the funds towards an NDX2 for the main system. Then get a Flatcap for the second system.

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Would there be a material benefit powering the stage line or the 152 preamp from the HiCap, compared to powering this with a Flatcap 2 ? ( also is a flatcap 2 same as flatcap XS? )

Can the HiCap power both the 152 preamp and stageline ?



So if i went ahead and bought the additional equipment I would have

For System 1 Power Supplies: 2 HiCaps, one on the Supernait 2 and one on the Stageline? with the NDX standalone

System 2 Flatcap as per the connection diagram, but without connecting the stageline ?



Thanks for your thoughts , Q: Would the extra Hicap sit nicely in the 2nd system? , in place of the Flatcap? ( Fyi there’s not much in the prices difference i have been offered )

A hicap can only power 1 unit.
If you place emphasis on your vinyl front end, then adding a hicap to a stageline can be beneficial.

A flatcap makes more sense with a 152, rather than a hicap. It’s your choice how you configure it, a&b outputs for the 152 is going to be best but again depends on your feeling towards playing vinyl and using it for both 152 and stageline.

And my motto is …, just because it’s a good price doesn’t mean you need it.

A flatcap xs is better than a 2.
Personally I’d consider finding a flatcap xs to go with your 152/155 xs.

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