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Hello. I need to connect a Nac 32 to a Hicap. Do I need a 4 to 5 pin snaic for this? There is also a nap 250 which doesn’t have leads, so it’s not known if it’s working yet. If this were also connected to the Hicap, would that make a difference to how it would all be connected?

Dealing with the NAP250 first, this uses a DIN - XLR lead, with a White band.

As for the NAC32, if it has the .5 update, I.e. it’s a NAC32.5 then you just use a SNAIC5 to connect to the Hicap. However, if it’s just the earlier NAC32 then it will depend on the Hicap. Early Hicaps up to around 1993 had a dual rail supply on a DIN5 as well as a single rail supply for earlier pre-amps on a DIN4. So if it’s one of these then a DIN4 can be used. If a later Hicap then you’ll need a very rare SNAIC4-5 which may have be ordered specially from Naim.

Take a look at the interconnect & SNAIC ID thread in the forum FAQ.

Thank you so much for your reply. It is the earlier nac 32. Serial number 18769. I have a photo of the back if I can post it here. The Hicap is serial number 18798.

With some photos, which NAC32 have you got?
This is a 32.5:

Or this one, a 32:

Sounds like you got a working couple, your Hicap can be used to power your NAC32 using socket3.
Socket 2 should be used to plug your NAP250.

But first, if you didn’t use that boxes since a while, its highly recommended to check that’s everything is working well, i mean NAP250 works and do not blow your speakers, and the Hicap provides the correct voltage output . Would be recommended to use a voltmeter to check some output voltages.

Ok, so it’s a SNAIC4 between socket3 of the HICAP and Output2 of the NAC32.

Thank you very much. You are invaluable.

Is there any reason why Naim would recommend using a 4 to 5 pin snaic for this? Because this is what they have said should be used.

Very probably the person at Naim is - err - a bit younger and doesn’t know that the early Hicaps had both single and dual rail outputs for this very purpose. The current Hicap has only a five pin power output so would need a 5 pin to 4 pin Snaic to work with a 32. Rest assured that in your case a standard 4 pin Snaic is perfect.

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